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Using eBenefits to Manage Your GI Bill

Can you use eBenefits to manage your GI Bill? This VA/DoD partnership has changed over the years, but eBenefits is still an important resource for those who can use the portal. We’ll examine its GI Bill features below.

A Brief History of eBenefits

In 2007, the President’s Commission on Care for Returning Wounded Warriors recommended the creation of a “central access point’ for VA and DoD benefits and other information.

Today eBenefits provides access to resources military members need to manage their education benefits, healthcare, retirement, and housing benefits.

What eBenefits Offers: An Overview

The portal is not specifically focused on education benefits; you can use eBenefits to track and manage various VA/DoD benefits. According to the official site, this portal offers:

  • A way to “safely access your personal information and perform self-service tasks” related to federal military benefits including the GI Bill;
  • Access and submit applications for disability compensation and other benefits;
  • Employment resources;
  • Access to the National Resource Directory.

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Using eBenefits to Apply for the GI Bill

One thing you cannot do with eBenefits? You cannot use it to apply for your GI Bill benefit. You can MANAGE these benefits at the site, but the application links you’ll find on eBenefits take you to VA.gov. Don’t expect to apply for the GI Bill using this portal, go directly to VA.gov instead.

Using eBenefits to Manage Your GI Bill

Before discussing eBenefits to manage and track your VA education benefits, you should know that one important GI Bill feature is no longer supported at eBenefits. The VA official site says, “The online Certificate of Eligibility (COE) application has moved to VA.gov.”

You can use eBenefits to do a variety of GI Bill-related things. They include:

  • Check Post-9/11 GI Bill enrollment status: Use this feature to learn whether you have been approved or denied GI Bill benefits. You can also use this feature to check how much GI Bill entitlement you have left to use.
  • Montgomery GI Bill (WAVE) enrollment verification: This portal is used for monthly attendance confirmation. When logged into eBenefits, you’ll use the Web Automated Verification Enrollment (WAVE) option to do this. Verification is required to continue receiving the benefit.
  • Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits transfer: when logged into eBenefits, eligible active duty service members can initiate a transfer of their GI Bill benefits to a spouse or dependent. Doing so requires an additional military service commitment, so be sure you know the program’s rules before using this feature.
  • Direct Deposit Information: Use this section of eBenefits to update your payment and contact information for all VA benefits, including the GI Bill.
  • View VA Payment History: How many education-related payments have you received from the Department of Veterans Affairs? View all of them here.
  • Education appeal status: Have you been denied VA education benefits? If you submitted an appeal and it is still open, you can check its status here.

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What You Need to Use eBenefits

To use eBenefits, you need a DS Logon account, an ID.me or Login.gov account. Another option is AccessVA, which according to VA.gov, “allows users to login with Sign-In Partners they may already have such as DS Logon, CAC Card, VA PIV, and more.”

You cannot view or manage any benefits without logging in. All the public-facing information outside the login is for educational purposes only.

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