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College Scholarships in Hawaii and Alaska

College Scholarships in Alaska and Hawaii

List of College Scholarships for Residents of Alaska and Hawaii Though Alaska and Hawaii are miles apart in climate, culture and geography, they’re both unique and exciting. Here are some of the exciting scholarships available in both Alaska and Hawaii. AlaskAdvantage® Education Grant Awards $500 – $4,000 (multiple, renewable awards) Who’s Eligible: For Alaska students,…

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states with free college of veterans and dependents

States Offering Free College Tuition for Veterans & Dependents

One part of raising children is wondering about how you will pay for college when the day comes. As a military service member, you probably wonder how your service can help. Or, as a veteran, you might be curious about your state and if they offer any tuition waivers for veterans.  The good news is, certain states do provide tuition waivers to veterans and sometimes their dependents.

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