Student Loans

Navient Cancels $1.7 Billion in Student Loan Debt

Navient Cancels $1.7 Billion in Student Loan Debt On January 13th, a multi-state lawsuit filed against Navient, a servicer of federal student loans, will soon cancel student loan debt totaling $1.7 billon. This amount covers the private loan debt held by around 66,000 students. Deceptive Practice Allegations Navient Corporation agreed to the settlement in allegations…

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Department of Education Eliminates $5.8 Million in Student Loan Debt

On August 19, 2021, the Department of Education announced that they will eliminate student loan debt for “over 323,000 borrowers who have a Total & Permanent Disability (TPD).” Eliminating Loan Debt for TPD Students Through a new regulation announced in mid-August, the total amount of student loan debt to be discharged is estimated at $5.8…

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