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Asian Studies: Degrees and Jobs for Military and Veterans

Start a Great Career with a Degree in Asian Studies

Asian Studies is the perfect degree for students interested in all aspects of Asia including culture, politics, history, economics, media, film, and many other facets that meld together to form the entirety of Asian society. A degree in Asian Studies is interdisciplinary, examining Asia from many disciplines and perspectives.

What can you do with an Asian Studies Degree?

A degree in Asian Studies prepares students for careers in a variety of fields including:

  • Arts (Administration and Creative)
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Government
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Media
  • Public Policy
  • Politics
  • Research

Is an Asian Studies Degree hard?

No, an Asian Studies Degree is not hard! Earning a degree in Asian Studies can be found as a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral program. Certificate programs can also be found, although less common, yet are a wonderful educational asset to attain.

Certificate Programs in Asian Studies

A Certificate in Asian Studies can be a great introductory program to this field of study. Explore the cultures and histories of the diverse regions of Asia (including the Pacific Islands). Study Asia’s various diasporic communities and influences across the globe.

Students can earn an undergraduate certificate as a standalone program or in conjunction with an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. Graduate certificates are typically designed for the working professional and may be pursued by those already possessing a baccalaureate degree.

A Certificate in Asian Studies can enhance career advancement and salary prospects. Certificates are also an excellent asset for those seeking to embark on a new career.

Jobs with a Certificate in Asian Studies

  • Human Service Assistants – Provide services for clients, and specific populations of clients, in a variety of social service fields. Human Service Assistants may work for nonprofit organizations, for-profit social service agencies, and state and local governments. Median Annual Salary: $35,000.
  • Travel Agent – Sell transportation, lodging, and entertainment activities to individuals and groups planning trips. Median Annual Salary: $52,000.
  • Translator – Convert information from one language into another language. Must be proficient in at minimum 2 languages. Median Annual Salary: $52,000.

Bachelor’s Degree in Asian Studies

With a Bachelor’s in Asian Studies students will acquire the skills to think critically, creatively, and independently about important Asian and international issues that impact Asian communities.

Students gain knowledge through a wide variety of courses including those in:

  • Anthropology
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Popular Culture
  • Politics
  • Art
  • Women’s Studies

Approaching education from the various perspectives of an Asian Studies program encourages students to become active and engaged citizens in a complex global world. A Degree in Asian Studies is excellent preparation for a wide variety of careers, especially those that serve mixed cultural (most notably Asian) communities. A Bachelor’s Degree in Asian Studies also prepares students for further educational success should they choose to continue with graduate studies.

Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree in Asian Studies:

  • Legislator – An elected position responsible for development, introduction, and/or enactment of laws and statutes at the local, state, tribal, or federal level. Median Annual Salary: $30,000.
  • News Correspondent – Work for newspaper, website, or periodical publishers or in television or radio broadcasting and inform the public about news and events. Specifically, as it relates to and/or impacts international and Asian news. Median Annual Salary: $46,000.
  • Adult ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher – Instruct adults in fundamental skills, such as reading and speaking English. They also help students earn their high school equivalency credential. Median Annual Salary: $55,000.
  • Public Relations Specialist – Create and maintain a favorable public image for the organization they represent. Median Annual Salary: $63,000.
  • Customs Broker – Works to ensure client shipments meet the dozens of requirements enforced by US Customs and Border Control. Median Annual Salary: $76,000.

Master’s Degree in Asian Studies

A graduate degree in Asian Studies will help students further build their analytical and critical thinking skills. Students will also further develop their research, communication, and writing skills. A Master’s Degree in Asian Studies is a popular choice for those seeking to become an expert in this field. A graduate degree is also a great choice for those choosing career paths such as writing or postsecondary teaching.

Jobs with a Master’s Degree in Asian Studies:

  • Historian – Research, analyze, interpret, and write about the past by studying historical documents and sources especially as it relates to Asia. Median Annual Salary: $63,000.
  • Ethnic and Cultural Studies Teacher, Postsecondary – Teach courses pertaining to the culture and development of an area, an ethnic group, or any other group, such as Asian/Asian America American studies. Median Annual Salary: $88,000.
  • Public Relations Manager – Direct the creation of materials that will enhance the public image of their employer or client. Median Annual Salary: $118,000.
  • Author – Develop written content for various types of media on international and Asian interests and/or topics. Median Annual Salary: $122,000.

Is an Asian Studies Degree worth it?

Yes, an Asian Studies Degree is worth it! Transnational studies of Asian, Pacific Islander, and Asian American communities gives students diverse insight into the historical and contemporary lifeways of a variety of cultures including:

  • Chinese
  • Filipino
  • Indian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Pakistani
  • Sri Lankan
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
  • Indigenous Hawaiian

GI Bill®-approved Schools Offering an Asian Studies Degree

Ready to start your Degree in Asian Studies? Check out these great programs available at our partner schools:

University of South Alabama

Offers an Asian Studies Concentration for its Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. USA participates in the Yellow Ribbon program.

Stetson University Deland

Offers Asian Studies as a minor for its undergraduate degrees.

University of Colorado Boulder

Offers a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies. University Colorado Boulder also offers Asian Languages and Civilizations as a Master of Arts and a PhD. University Colorado Boulder is a Yellow Ribbon school.

Quinnipiac University

Offers Asian Studies as a Minor for its undergraduate degrees. Quinnipiac is a Yellow Ribbon school.

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Offers a Bachelor of Arts in Asian and Asian American Studies. University of Nevada Las Vegas is a Yellow Ribbon school.

University of Arizona

Offers comprehensive programs in East Asian Studies including Degrees for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs.  There are also double majors, dual degrees, and accelerated options available. University of Arizona is a GI Bill® approved school, offers credit for military experience, and awards credit for both the CLEP and DSST exams. University of Arizona is a Yellow Ribbon school and is approved for Tuition Assistance.


*All statistics and calculations from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For more information click here.





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