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Colleges by Degree Program

Computer Science Degree Programs

A degree in computer science can take you down many different career paths. From programming to networking to IT. You can work in:

  • Software Development
  • Information systems
  • Programming
  • Computer Tech Support
  • Web Development
You can work for a business, in a school, a hospital, or even for the government. You could work from home or in an actual office. There are a lot of options with computer science.

Sustainable Development Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

What is a Degree in Sustainable Development? In short, a Degree in Sustainable Development prepares students to become responsible global citizens in their chosen career fields. Students learn about global environmental, economic, and social problems. Students explore and uncover the multitude of reasons behind these large global issues and foster the creation of solutions with sustainable outcomes for current and future generations. These teachings are often applied to the scope of local and regional sustainable development as well.

Conflict Resolution Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

An education in Conflict Resolution teaches students the theoretical and practical aspects of analyzing and resolving conflict. Students are taught problem-solving skills for disagreements and how to engage workable solutions to positively impact conflict of all kinds. From teen angst to international diplomacy, a certificate or degree in Conflict Resolution is a great asset for all careers and professions.

Arabic Studies Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

Arabic Studies is the perfect degree for students interested in all aspects of the Middle East including culture, politics, history, economics, media, film, and many other facets that meld together to form the entirety of Arabic society. A degree in Arabic Studies is interdisciplinary, examining the Middle East from many disciplines and perspectives. Similarly named degrees may include Middle Eastern and/or Islamic Studies.

Zoology Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

Students who have a passion for animals will find a degree in Zoology particularly appealing. Zoology studies the animal kingdom and animal life. Zoology is a branch of biology where students will receive a strong educational foundation in animal biology, physiology, development, behavior, and evolution. Zoology graduates can pursue a wide variety of careers and will especially excel in jobs that benefit from knowledge of animal biology, research, and ecology. Notable jobs include:

Culinary Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

Do you love to cook? Do you excel at culinary creativity and thrive in the kitchen? A culinary arts education can often be found as a certificate program, enabling students to streamline their education and jump start their culinary careers in a minimal amount of time. Culinary arts programs can also commonly be found as an Associate degree to further enhance one’s educational and career prospects.

Food Science Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

Students who have a passion for all things food related will find a degree in Food Science particularly appealing. Food Science is a multidisciplinary program that applies science (chemistry, microbiology, etc.) with engineering and nutrition to develop new food products. Food Science also studies and develops processes to improve the safety, quality, and sustainability of food. Food Science graduates can pursue a wide variety of jobs. Notable careers fields include:

French Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

Earning a degree in French provides students with the components of a well-rounded education. Students will gain knowledge of the French language through conversation, composition, and grammar combined with the study of French literature and civilization. A degree in French prepares students for careers in a variety of fields, such as:

African-American Studies Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

African American Studies, also referred to as Black American, Black, or African Diaspora Studies, is designed to help students understand the multicultural dimensions of society. Students who have a passion for the social sciences and students who wish to pursue careers that serve mixed ethnic communities will find a degree in African American Studies particularly appealing.

Unique Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

If you are fluent in more than one language or desire to learn a second language, then earning a Certificate in Language is an excellent choice for educational growth, job marketability, and career earning power. Earning a Certificate in Language will be an easy and quick educational accomplishment for those already fluent or proficient in a second language other than English. For those not already skilled in a second language, a certificate program is an exceptional opportunity to learn and become proficient in speaking and reading another language! A Certificate in Language enhances one’s job and income prospects and is a desirable asset across many career fields including:

Army Green to Gold Earn a Degree and Commission

The Army’s Green to Gold program offers eligible Active Duty enlisted Soldiers the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Upon completion, Soldiers will earn a commission as an Army Officer.

Nursing Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

From physician offices to emergency rooms, rehabilitation facilities to outpatient surgery, nursing has a wide variety of job opportunities available. Whether your passion lies in pediatric care or gerontology or anywhere in between, a nursing career is an ideal opportunity for those seeking to make an immediate impact in a high paying career with an abundance of job opportunities in every corner of the country!

Pharmacy Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

A Degree in Pharmacy prepares students to meet state and local requirements to qualify as pharmacists. Pharmacists are an integral part of the primary health care system and serve a variety of functions including:

Neuroscience Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

Neuroscience is the scientific study of nervous systems. A Degree in Neuroscience is interdisciplinary and includes studies in fields including:

Spanish Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

A Spanish Degree will provide graduates with a strong background and understanding of the culture, history, literature, art, and language of Spanish speaking nations. Students will be able to establish successful careers in any number of fields including:

Horticulture Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

Horticulture is the science, business, and art associated with all things plants: flowers, trees, shrubs, turfgrass, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Horticulture is both food and beauty. Horticulture is the production and processing of our food supply. Horticulture is also a major source of beautification including areas around homes, cities, parks, highways, and other areas.

Real Estate Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

Real Estate is a booming business these days. In fact, real estate is a great business to be in most days. Real estate is more than just selling homes, although if you’re a born salesperson then this is definitely the career for you! Creative types may find their niche in marketing homes for sale while number crunchers may excel in wheeling and dealing with investors. There are a variety of job opportunities in real estate including:

Interior Design Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

Are you a military spouse looking for a portable career? Or a military member preparing for a post-service career? If you have a creative side and love to binge-watch HGTV, a career in Interior Design may be the perfect match!

Environmental Engineering Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

Environmental Engineering is a rapidly growing field with an abundance of diverse and profitable career prospects!  With climate change and clean technology at the forefront of today’s daily news, a Degree in Environmental Engineering is truly a great degree to make a positive impact.

Dance Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

Yes, you can earn a Degree in Dance and acquire a successful, profitable, and exciting career!

Mechatronics Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

A Degree in Mechatronics integrates electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering for the design, construction, and operation of automated systems. Become a leader in this emerging field and forge a career path that fosters your interests and talents!

Software Engineering Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

A Degree in Software Engineering is perfect for computer-orientated students with a knack for creating.

Media Studies Degrees & Careers for Military Veterans

Immerse yourself in all things media from print to film to the world-wide-web! Explore the varied aspects of culture while creating a career path that fosters your interests and talents!

College Degree Programs for Military Veterans

Looking for a military friendly university that is supportive of current and former military personnel and their families? CollegeRecon has the information you are looking for. CollegeRecon has a database of colleges and universities that can help you find the right school for you.

Dual Degree Programs for Military Veterans

A dual degree program involves a student studying for two degrees in parallel, to complete both in significantly less time than it would take to earn the degrees separately. The dual degree track is becoming more and more popular and is known by many names including: