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Getting a Degree in Animation for Military & Veterans

A Degree in Animation is an excellent field of study for artists of all kinds!

What Can You Do with a Degree in Animation?

Animation is analog media, including flip books and video capture, and digital media, including GIF, digital video capture, and streaming media.
Animation is popular across many mediums but is especially concentrated in artistic venues (such as galleries, museums, and public displays) and in the entertainment industry.

A Degree in Animation offers graduates the opportunity to grow their creative selves while attaining fantastic career opportunities such as:
  • animator
  • artist
  • art director
  • designer
  • graphic artist
  • graphic designer
  • multimedia artist

Is an Animation Degree Hard?

A Degree in Animation is not hard! It is informative and engaging and supports an artist’s personal, artistic, and educational growth! This is also a great degree choice for artists that wish to dabble in business as well!

Getting a Degree in Animation

Bachelor’s Degree in Animation

A Bachelor’s in Animation will prepare students to promote their art and artistic skills.

With a Bachelor’s in Animation, students are prepared in tradition and innovation, technical skills, and artistic abilities. Students will explore the foundations of animation, analog animation, and advanced digital computer applications. Students will gain theoretical foundations, practical knowledge, advanced technology skills, and artistic nurturing to create graduates ready to thrive in a rewarding and profitable career!

A Bachelor’s in Animation will engage students in classes such as:

Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animation

Master’s Degree in Animation

A Master’s in Animation offers students advanced studies as they explore and expand their creative connections. Graduate students fine-tune their skills to create, capture, and manipulate images to produce animated projects. A Master’s Degree in Animation allows students to master the pursuit of artistic creation and its relationship with digital literacy.

Jobs with a Master’s Degree in Animation

Is an Animation Degree Worth It?

A Degree in Animation is a great choice for a rewarding career! A Degree in Advertising can help students grow artistically, academically, and professionally. With a Degree in Animation students can make a career out of their artistry, finding a great career with fantastic pay.

Don’t forget about the wide variety of educational entitlement programs! Eligibility for programs such as MyCAA (for eligible spouses), the GI Bill, and the Yellow Ribbon help students earn their degree with potentially no money out-of-pocket! Financial opportunities can be found through grants, scholarships, stipends, and more! A Degree in Advertising is always a popular choice of study. Be certain to investigate scholarships and financial aid specifically earmarked for this degree and career field!

>> For scholarships for military, veterans, spouses and dependents, please use the CollegeRecon Scholarship Finder.

GI Bill®-Approved Schools for Animation Degrees

Ready to start your Degree in Animation? Check out these great programs available at our partner schools:

Buena Vista University

Offers a Bachelor’s in Animation. Buena Vista University is a Yellow Ribbon school.

University of Arizona

Offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art: Animation. The University of Arizona is a Yellow Ribbon school.

Kent State University

Offers a Bachelor of Science in Animation Game Design.

*All statistics and calculations from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For more information click here.