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American Studies Degrees for Military & Veterans

Getting a Degree in American Studies

American Studies is a degree for students interested in all aspects of American culture, including politics, history, economics, media, film, and other aspects that weave together to form the fabric of American society. A degree in American Studies is interdisciplinary, examining the American identity from many disciplines and perspectives.

What can you do with an American Studies Degree?

A degree in American Studies prepares students for careers in a number of fields, such as:
  • Arts (Administration and Creative)
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Government
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Media
  • Public Policy
  • Politics
  • Research

Is an American Studies Degree hard?

This is truly an interdisciplinary degree offering students a wide variety of courses. With such diversity of study students are sure to find many topics and courses that genuinely interest them.

Getting a Degree in American Studies

Your journey toward a degree in American Studies can include Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs. Certificate programs are also available, although they are less common.

Certificate Programs in American Studies

A Certificate in American Studies can be a great introductory program to this field of study. Students can earn an undergraduate certificate as a standalone program or with an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. A Certificate in American Studies can enhance career advancement and salary prospects and is also an excellent asset for those seeking to embark on a new career.

Jobs with a Certificate in American Studies:

Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies

Students who have a passion for the United States, history, and the social sciences will find a degree in American Studies particularly appealing. Students gain knowledge through a wide variety of courses, including those in:Upon graduation, students can choose to enter the workforce and/or pursue further education by earning a graduate degree.

Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies:

Master’s Degree in American Studies

A graduate degree in American Studies will help students build their analytical and critical thinking skills. Students will also further develop their research, communication, and writing skills.

A Master’s Degree in American Studies is a popular choice for those seeking to become an expert in their chosen fields or those choosing to focus on research or teaching in American Studies.

In a comprehensive graduate program, students will look to the past to gain a deeper knowledge of the histories of Americans and all sub-cultural identities. They will also look to the future and address the many aspects of life that are of significance to the American populations, including cultural, social, and political.

Jobs with a Master’s Degree in American Studies:

Is an American Studies Degree worth it?

With a wide variety of degrees and certificates available, American Studies is excellent for those pursuing related career fields (such as the Arts and Social Sciences) and even those not-so-closely related career fields (such as the Physical Sciences). Being an American and/or living in America, this degree is perfect for everybody!

Ready to start your Degree in American Studies? Check out these great programs available at our partner schools:*All statistics and calculations from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For more information, click here.