Battlefields to Ballfields Scholarships for Veterans

Over the last ten years or so, social and political pressure elevated veteran issues into the national conversation. Veterans were returning from war, leaving the service, and facing the unparalleled challenge of reintegrating into society. Battlefields to Ballfields However, organizations are stepping up to the plate and offering assistance to the veteran community. One such…

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Military Members and the Arts

AITAF: For Members of the Military that Love the Arts

All About Arts in the Armed Forces Service members and veterans have many different passions beyond serving in the military. For some, that passion is the arts, from performing to screenwriting to playwriting. In addition, service members and veterans enjoy watching a good show. This is where Arts in the Armed Forces comes into play.…

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Google VetNet Hosts Career Week 2021

From June 22nd through June 24th, Google’s VetNet will host their 2021 Career Week, which is a virtual three-day event that will include panels covering functions of industry, “fireside” chats with corporate level executives from Google and other companies, hands-on training, and 1:1 resume reviews with members of Google’s team.

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dod skillbridge program

DoD SkillBridge: What You Need to Know

DoD SkillBridge allows service members to gain useful work experience through apprenticeships, specific industry training, and internships. SkillBridge is partnered with private businesses to help veterans better prepare for transitioning out of the service and to find jobs. Learn more about this great program.

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Best Jobs in America

2021’s Best Jobs in America

As a nation, as we continue to emerge from the pandemic and face an uncertain but optimistically bright outlook in 2021.  It is essential to remember the opportunities that await us as we move towards the future. For service members and veterans, this outlook is paramount, considering the obstacles they face when transitioning into civilian life. This article explores the top 5 jobs in America and what you can do to be prepared to enter that career field.

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Enlisted to Medical Degree Program for Military

Enlisted to Physician Preparatory Program for Military

There is an opportunity to help enlisted military to become physicians.  It is called the Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program (EMDP2).  The program takes 24-months and enables highly qualified enlisted service members to complete the preparatory coursework for application to medical school while maintaining an active duty status!

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physical therapy career

Less School, More Pay: Start a Fantastic Career in Physical Therapy

Education and training in the field of physical therapy can open doors to a great career with excellent pay. Physical therapy jobs span a variety of opportunities from public service to private sector jobs. There are also non-traditional opportunities such as outreach programs and self-employment.

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paralegal jobs

Paralegal: Certificates, Degrees, and Job Opportunities 

Paralegal: Certificates, Degrees, and Job Opportunities A paralegal education can open doors to an exciting career with excellent pay. Paralegal jobs span a variety of opportunities from public service to private sector jobs, including non-profit and outreach programs. A paralegal education is available as an associate or bachelor’s degree and as a postsecondary certificate program.…

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civil engineering degree

Civil Engineering Degrees, Jobs and Scholarships

Getting a Degree in Civil Engineering Civil engineering is one of the many types of engineering you can go into. A civil engineer works to plan and supervise public works projects. They work on the infrastructure that moves people and commerce around the country and work on public works projects such as buildings, highways, airports,…

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radiation techonolgy program

Degrees for Radiation Technicians and Careers

Great Degrees for Portable Careers: Medical Radiologic Technology A degree in medical radiologic technology can lead to a job as a radiologic therapist, radiologic technician, or a number of other specialized diagnostic positions in the health and wellness field. Most medical radiologic technology education programs lead to an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree while…

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become lawyer military

Become a Lawyer in the Military

Over the last decade there has been over a 15% increase in lawyers according to the ABA’s National Lawyer Population.  Many individuals who are aspiring lawyers are now becoming military lawyers. This is made possible through the Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG Corps) which is a governmental organization that is concerned with military law and military justice.

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optometry careers

Future Looks Bright in Eye Care Careers

If you’ve ever considered a career in eye care, you’ll be pleased to know that the employment outlook is good for those with degrees in optometry or ophthalmology. Growth in the market is steady and predictable. The population is aging, and once people reach the age of forty, they tend to need more help with vision correction and other eye-related concerns than before. On top of that, the U.S. population continues to grow.

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veterinary degree program

Veterinary Technology: Great Degrees for Portable Careers

Great Degrees for Portable Careers: Veterinary Technology A degree in veterinary technology can open doors to a rewarding career helping animals and their people. Great paying job opportunities in both the public and private sectors can be found across all 50 states and overseas in organizations such as: Civilian veterinary office Military installation veterinary center…

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transferable military skills

Transferable Skills Every Military Member Should Highlight

Transferable Skills Every Military Member Should Highlight When applying for a job it is important to highlight yourself in areas you might fall short. Businesses are increasingly seeing the value of hiring from the military community and often take experience over education. Military members operate with a “mission-critical” mindset, elevating their performance to a higher…

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mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering: Degrees, Jobs and Scholarships

Getting a Degree in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical engineering is one of the many different engineering degrees you could choose to study. It is all about the study of objects and systems in motion, touching every aspect of modern life. It is one of the oldest of the engineering disciplines, combining engineering, physics, and mathematics. While…

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welding career

Welding: A Wise Career Choice

If you want great money, great job security, & interesting work without spending years in school, a Career in Welding maybe your wise career choice. Read more.

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