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Hot Degrees for Vets: Human Resources

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Employees are the blood of any company. The Human Resources Department of a company oversees every aspect relating to employees (recruiting, hiring, training, retention, etc.) Therefore, businesses want to have strong Human Resources teams that are educated and experienced to ensure that the lifeblood of the company (the employees) is strong and happy. That’s why veterans should get a degree in Human Resources- these professionals are highly sought after.

Why veterans should get an HR degree

As long as there are companies and corporations, there will be a need for Human Resources personnel. Furthermore HR positions are available in every single industry, giving those with an HR degree flexibility to work in an industry they like and stability knowing they will always have opportunities because of the education and experience they have.

How does that sound? As a recently separated student veteran, life can be a little uncertain. Where is my next paycheck coming from? Where will my family and I get healthcare benefits from? Those are common questions. However, HR managers and directors are vital to the success of a company. Therefore, if you have an HR degree, are good with people, and a good listener, more than likely you’ll find success in the HR field as a veteran.

Students enrolled in an HR bachelor’s program can expect coursework to include core business training in areas such as accounting, finance, information technology and marketing.

What Job Can I Get With An HR Degree?

A recent graduate with a human resources bachelor’s degree can anticipate being hired for any of the following positions: Employee Relations Manager, Compensation or Benefit Analyst/Manager, HR Information Systems Manager, Training and Development Manager, or Labor Relations Manager. In each of these positions you will become an expert on all things in that field. Compensation or Benefit Managers know the ins and outs of the compensation packages at that company.

Basically, there are loads of different areas within the HR umbrella that you can go into. Go ahead, utilize your military background to help you stand out and soar! Were you in charge of other soldiers, sailors, airmen, etc during your time? Well that says you are probably pretty good at managing people and maybe you should explore being an Employee Relations Manager. The possibilities are endless.

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A starting HR salary is around $54,061. However if you are looking to get an HR job in a city like San Francisco, Seattle, or New York you can expect to make around $67,036. Loaded with experience and a master’s degree, one can take on the role of an HR Manager and make around $98,818.

Needed Skills

HR personnel should be comfortable facilitating interaction among staff and managers, be able to listen carefully & understand, organize meetings, & interview prospective employees. Day-to-day life is also filled with employee compliance, working with company cultures, employee relations, employee and employer communication, and management.

Again, think back to your days in the military. What kinds of things did you do on a daily basis? Did you enjoy those activities? Can any of them be utilized in the civilian world? (Think: listening, organizing, managing, etc.) Would you like to transfer those into a civilian career?

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