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Communication Masters Degree for Military and Veterans

A Master’s Degree in Communications teaches students the theories and practices of communication. This graduate degree typically includes coursework in media studies, public relations, strategic communication, digital media, and interpersonal communication.

Earning a Communications Master’s Degree prepares graduates for jobs for higher-level positions in journalism, advertising, public relations, mass media, higher education, and various other fields

There is more than one type of Communications Master’s Degree. Students who earn a Master of Arts (MA) in Communication will work in the creative fields, whereas someone who earns a Master of Science (MS) will typically work in positions focused on theory and research. There are also Communications Degrees that focus on a particular industry.

Using the GI Bill and Tuition Assistance for a Master’s Degree in Communications

For those still on active duty who are interested in pursuing a Master's Degree in Communications and need help with tuition, the military tuition assistance program covers up to 100% of the cost-per-credit hour.

Each branch of the military operates a separate tuition assistance program with its own rules and regulations:
  • Army Tuition Assistance
  • Marine Corps Tuition Assistance
  • Navy Tuition Assistance
  • Air Force Tuition Assistance
  • Coast Guard Tuition Assistance
  • Space Force Tuition Assistance
For further application information, contact your Base Education Office. National Guard members and Reservists are also eligible.

The GI Bill assists veterans in transitioning into civilian life by offering them opportunities to further their education. It serves veterans of the Air Force, Space Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Army, and Coast Guard and their eligible dependents. It covers school tuition and fees and offers a monthly housing allowance and money for books and supplies.

Careers With A Master’s Degree in Communications

Master’s Degrees in Communications prepare students for many different types of careers across all industries. Below are just a handful of positions available to degree holders:
  • Content Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Health Communication Specialist
  • Marketing Account Executive
  • Marketing Consultant
  • News Journalist
  • Speech Writer
  • Political Campaign Manager
  • Technical Communication Specialist
  • Web Producer
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that careers in media and communication will grow 6 percent by 2032, with about 114,300 jobs added each year. The average salary in 2024 will be about $66,320.

Master’s Degree Programs in Communications

A Communications Master’s Degree takes about two to three years to complete. Online master’s programs are shorter in that they take only one to two years to complete.

Some people will choose to earn this degree immediately after earning a Bachelor’s Degree, but those already working and seeking higher-level positions in their industry can also become graduate students.

Your Future with a Master’s Degree in Communications

What To Expect From a Military-Friendly Communications Master’s Degree Program

Master’s degree coursework emphasizes communication theory and strategy and typically emphasizes and may feature coursework in writing, verbal communication, mass media, and public relations. Every school is different and offers unique Master’s programs. Some are more generalized and provide overall theories, strategies, and practices. Others allow students to concentrate in one area as preparation for specialized work.

Additionally, programs incorporate hands-on learning experiences via internships, workshops, and collaborative projects with industry professionals, allowing students to build portfolios and gain real-world experience.

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