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Master's Degree in English for Military and Veterans

A Master’s Degree in English is the study of English literature, language, and writing. According to the University of Texas at San Antonio, “Through this study, students understand the historical and cultural contexts in which these languages and literatures are produced; develop skills in critical and cultural analysis; and conduct literary, rhetorical, and linguistic research.”

An English Degree prepares students for a wide variety of professional paths. Graduates typically find opportunities in education, writing, publishing, media, and other fields that value strong communication skills and critical analysis.

Using the GI Bill and Tuition Assistance for a Master’s Degree in English

For those still on active duty who are interested in pursuing a Master's Degree in English and need help with tuition, the military tuition assistance program covers up to 100% of the cost-per-credit hour.

Each branch of the military operates a separate tuition assistance program with its own rules and regulations:
  • Army Tuition Assistance
  • Marine Corps Tuition Assistance
  • Navy Tuition Assistance
  • Air Force Tuition Assistance
  • Coast Guard Tuition Assistance
  • Space Force Tuition Assistance
For further application information, contact your Base Education Office. National Guard members and Reservists are also eligible.

The GI Bill assists veterans in transitioning into civilian life by offering them opportunities to further their education. It serves veterans of the Air Force, Space Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Army, and Coast Guard and their eligible dependents. It covers school tuition and fees and offers a monthly housing allowance and money for books and supplies.

Careers With A Master’s Degree in English

English Master's graduates can work in a wide variety of industries, as their skills are in high demand by employers. They can work in academia as teachers or adjunct professors, for a scientific or environmental business corporation as technical writers, or for a publisher as writers or editors. According to Seton Hall University, "the English major or English minor is excellent preparation for law school and a career in the law."

Because communication skills and critical thinking are coveted in every industry, students with this degree have no shortage of job opportunities.

Earnings will be varied and based on the occupation you choose.

For example, the BLS states that English Language and Literature Teachers can make over $80,000 teaching English at a post-secondary level. Writers can make about $73,000 a year; however, their wages may vary if they freelance.

Master’s Degree Programs in English

An English Master's program lasts one to two years and is designed for students who have completed a Bachelor's Degree in English or in a related discipline.

Your Future with a Master’s Degree in English

What To Expect From a Military-Friendly English Master’s Degree Program

English Master's students can take courses in a specific literature genre, author, time period, or theme. This degree allows students to choose from a number of concentrations. For example, depending on their career focus, they can specialize in publishing, creative writing, teaching English as a second language, or linguistics.

Several courses overlap with those in Communications, as students learn many of the same skills. Students at the Master's level may be required to complete a capstone project on a chosen topic.

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