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MBA for Computer Science Majors

Tech and the Internet are constantly changing, reshaping our environment, economics, and industries. Tech has enhanced product and service quality, reduced operational costs, and streamlined everyday business processes.

Computer science knowledge is an integral part of a successful company’s infrastructure. Students studying this major will learn languages, programming, data structures, and software engineering principles and engage in coursework in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and cybersecurity.

Students who add a Master of Business Administration (MBA) to their computer science degree will find themselves highly sought after in finance, healthcare, and consulting industries, among others. Their combined technical expertise with business and managerial skills will open doors to diverse and lucrative job opportunities.

Reasons for Computer Science Majors to Get an MBA

Combining a computer science degree with an MBA advances career growth by blending technical expertise with managerial skills. Engineers with an MBA are likelier to find higher-level supervisory roles and earn larger salaries, as the corporate world values this dual skill set.

An MBA helps computer engineers develop comprehensive business insight and improve problem-solving abilities. The program also focuses on personal development and communication through group discussions, projects, presentations, and networking with industry professionals.

Where Do Computer Science MBA Students Work?

MBA grads with a computer science focus will find themselves at the intersection of technology and business. Here, they can leverage their unique blend of technical and managerial skills. Their understanding of computer science principles allows them to communicate with engineering teams while their MBA training equips them to manage projects, develop strategies, and drive company growth.

In addition to tech, computer science MBAs are also highly sought after in industries like finance, healthcare, and consulting. Graduates holding these degrees may contribute to the development of health information systems or manage projects involving health data analytics. Consulting firms also hire them to advise clients on tech strategies, digital transformation, and data-driven decisions.

Jobs for Computer Science Majors with an MBA

Job Outlook for Computer Science Majors with an MBA

Computers, IT, and business have been intertwined for the past three decades and will continue as such going forward, making a computer science MBA a solid investment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Tech is one of the fastest-growing industries. Computer science jobs are projected to grow to 32 percent by 2032. Nearly 380,000 positions in tech are available to prospective job seekers each year. With AI now part of the mix, opportunities will grow exponentially.

Payscale states that the average salary for a computer science major with an MBA is $133,000 annually. However, this amount varies depending on the school, the applicant's experience, and the position.

Full-Time MBA

Full-time MBAs are one- or two-year programs. Students attend class full-time and typically do not hold a job during this time.

Professional MBA

A professional (or part-time) MBA allows students to work while attending school. Students are either "lockstep," in which they enroll in set classes with other students, or "self-paced," in which they complete their studies on a more flexible schedule.

Executive MBA

An executive MBA (EMBA) is also a part-time degree program geared toward students with 10 to 15 years of experience in the working world. It is designed to help students focus on building a business career to the executive level.