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Speech and Communication Degrees for Military and Veterans

A speech and communication degree is obtained by studying verbal and written communication. Depending on the university, rhetoric and speech are often paired as majors, as are communications and speech and speech and writing. Rhetoric adds the study of visuals, such as images and film, to this major.

According to Duquesne University, students majoring in speech learn argumentation and persuasion and their effect on areas like free speech, pop culture, religion, and politics, among others. Speech programs attempt to entertain, inform, motivate, and/or persuade the listener. Students who graduate with this degree can find jobs in many industries, such as law, advertising, public policy, business, and corporate affairs.

Using the GI Bill and Tuition Assistance for a Speech Degree

If you’re interested in pursuing a Speech Degree and need financial help, the GI Bill, a military education benefit for service members in the Air Force, Space Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Army, and Coast Guard and eligible dependents, covers tuition and fees, provides a monthly housing allowance, and offers additional money for books and supplies.

Using Spouse Tuition Assistance (STAP) and MyCAA for a Speech Degree

Spouse Tuition Assistance

When seeking a Speech Degree, military spouse tuition assistance programs help military spouses (and sometimes dependent children) pay for their education, whether they are in the U.S. or stationed elsewhere in the world.

All military branches once offered programs following Spouse Tuition Assistance (STAP) guidelines or created something similar.

Today, while the term STAP is used interchangeably to describe various offerings by military relief organizations, the programs can differ. STAP refers to the education benefits offered by military aid societies, many of which are not run by U.S. military branches or the federal government. Instead, they are private, nonprofit organizations and what they provide varies.

These organizations include:
  • Army Emergency Relief
  • Air Force Aid Society
  • Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society
  • Coast Guard Foundation


The workforce development program MyCAA, formerly known as the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship, provides financial assistance of up to $4,000 ($2,000 over two years) to eligible military spouses pursuing or maintaining a Speech Degree, certification, or license to gain employment.

As long as an individual meets the requirements, MyCAA will pay for individual spouses pursuing any occupation or career, if they are obtaining an Associate’s Degree or a license, certificate or certification.

Careers With a Speech Degree

According to Georgia College & State University, students can find many careers in many industries. They can be entrepreneurs, pastors, politicians, public relations pros, speechwriters, training specialists, and teachers, among other things.

The American Association of Colleges and Universities states that a whopping 80 percent of employers find written and oral communication skills to be some of the most important for potential job seekers.

What To Expect From a Military-Friendly Speech Degree Program

Speech students take coursework in various forms of communication, including academic, civic, community, historical, professional, and interpersonal. Through these topics, they learn how to communicate effectively and gain perspective on other people's communication. They leave school with marketable skills that apply to every area of professional life.

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Select Military-Friendly Colleges with Speech Degree Programs

Speech Degree Paths Using the GI Bill

Certificate in Speech

At press time, we could not locate any certificate options for Speech Degree programs.

Associate’s Degree in Speech

An Associate's Degree in speech is a two year degree that helps students develop critical thinking and effective oral and written communication. These skills are highly in demand in all industries. Students with an Associates’ Degree will typically work in entry level jobs.

Your Future with an Associate’s Degree in Speech

Bachelor’s Degree in Speech

Students earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech learn the intricacies of language and how it can persuade and inform others. With this four-year degree, they gain knowledge in effectively speaking, writing and otherwise communicating. They also learn how to critique communication practices of others.

Your Future with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech

Master’s Degree in Speech

Students study the major subfields of speech at this level to pursue a doctorate or work in higher-level jobs in related fields. Oregon State University says, “this concentration integrates histories, theories, and philosophies of writing and rhetoric with the concerns of teaching and writing.”

Your Future with a Master’s Degree in Speech

Doctoral Degrees in Speech

According to Carnegie Mellon University, students earning a doctorate in speech and rhetoric study “current theory, history, and field-leading pedagogical practices” as a foundation for more specialized topics.

Your Future with a PhD in Speech