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Crunching the Numbers: Start a Great Paying Career with a Degree in Taxation!

A Degree in Taxation can be found most commonly as a bachelor’s and master’s. There are a wide variety of Certificate in Taxation programs for those wishing to jumpstart their careers in a shorter amount of time. There are also an abundance of online options to earn your Certificate or Degree in Taxation online from an accredited school!

What can you do with a Taxation Degree?

A Degree in Taxation is ideal for students interested in a career as a tax practitioner or those in related fields wanting to learn more about taxation. A Degree in Taxation can lead to employment in a wide variety of fields especially:
  • Business
  • Financial
  • Industrial
  • Governmental
  • Nonprofit organizations
The complexity of the field of taxation and its impact on the effective management of organizations makes this a highly sought after degree. Taxation professionals are intrinsic to the organizations they work for.

Is a Taxation Degree hard?

No, getting a Degree in Taxation is not hard! Contrary to popular belief a Taxation Degree is not just about crunching numbers. Students are educated in a wide variety of concepts including:
  • local, federal, and state taxes
  • taxation methodology
  • tax law
  • tax practice

Certificates for Taxation

An undergraduate Certificate in Taxation is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge required for entry-level tax preparation positions. With a Certificate in Taxation students will be able to find employment in tax services and accounting businesses.

A graduate Certificate in Taxation offers specialty education in a specific area of expertise such as corporate taxation, nonprofit, etc.

Jobs with a Certificate in Taxation

Bachelor’s Degree in Taxation

A Bachelor’s in Taxation prepares students for careers as professional tax advisers. A comprehensive undergraduate program encompasses classroom instruction and extensive hands-on application with both manual and computerized accounting systems.

Students may choose to work a variety of jobs, including positions in any variety of businesses and organizations, as well as heading their own tax services business.

Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree in Taxation

Master’s Degree in Taxation

A student earning a Master’s in Taxation will become an expert in the ever changing discipline of taxation while also sharpening their overall interdisciplinary knowledge. In a graduate program students also have the opportunity to specialize in any specific taxation field(s) that interest them. Popular fields of specialty include:

Jobs with a Master’s Degree in Taxation

GI Bill®-Approved Colleges Offering Certificates and Degrees in Taxation

Ready to start your Certificate or Degree in Taxation? Check out these great programs at our partner schools:

University of Baltimore– Offers several degrees in Taxation including a Master of Science in Taxation and a dual degree program for an Master of Laws in Taxation and a Juris Doctorate degree. The University of Baltimore has GI Bill approved programs, offers credit for military experience, and awards credit for both the CLEP and DSST exams. The University of Baltimore is a MyCAA approved school and proudly participates in the Yellow Ribbon program.

Golden Gate University– Offers several graduate certificates in Taxation including:Golden Gate University also offers a Master of Science in Taxation. This program is offered fully online, as a campus-based program, and as a hybrid program. Golden Gate-SF has GI Bill approved programs, offers credit for military experience, awards credit for the CLEP and DSST exams, and is approved for Tuition Assistance. Golden Gate-SF is a MyCAA approved school and proudly participates in the Yellow Ribbon program.

Moorpark College Offers a Certificate of Achievement in Taxation. Moorpark College is a GI Bill® approved school, offers credit for military experience, and is approved for Tuition Assistance. Moorpark College is also a MyCAA approved school.

          Virginia Tech– Offers a two day Continuing Education Program through the Virginia Tech Income Tax School. This seminar is           designed for individuals with at least one year of prior tax experience.

Is a Taxation Degree worth it?

A Degree in Taxation is absolutely worth it! Certificates are also fantastic options for those seeking a shorter, yet still rewarding, career boost. A Certificate or Degree in Taxation can lead students to many different exciting and profitable career paths or enhance the career (and compensation) they already have.

*All statistics and calculations from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For more information click here.