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Urban Studies Degrees for Military & Veterans

A Degree in Urban Studies is an interdisciplinary education that focuses on understanding cities, towns, urban life, economics, and all the related social complexities.

What can you do with an Urban Studies Degree?

A Degree in Urban Studies offers an abundance of career opportunities! From office jobs to outside jobs and even working for yourself as an independent contractor, jobs and careers in Urban Studies are vast and varied. Options include:
  • Government
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • Entertainment
  • Architecture
  • Planning & Development
  • Engineering
  • Environment
  • Sustainability
  • Social Studies
  • Behavioral Sciences

Is an Urban Studies Degree hard?

An Urban Studies Degree is interesting and exciting as students focus on cities as entities with a meaning and function innate throughout larger society. This Degree can be found as a bachelor’s, master’s, and certificate programs.

Certificate in Urban Studies

Both undergraduate and graduate certificates are available to students on a limited basis, although options are expanding as Urban Studies continues to grow. Certificates are wonderful assets for those already working in or seeking a career in industries that will be impacted by the growth of this field.

Associate Degree in Urban Studies

An Associate Degree in Urban Studies will have students in introductory studies as they explore the growth and development of cities and towns. An Associate Degree in Urban Studies will also provide students with a strong academic foundation in core courses such as Language Arts, Maths, and Sciences. Students will be well-prepared for entry level careers and/or to continue their college career to earn a Bachelor’s Degree.

Jobs with a Certificate in Urban Studies


Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Studies

A Bachelor’s in Urban Studies is truly an interdisciplinary degree covering a wide range of studies. Urban Studies will begin from a city’s conception and is explored from a variety of aspects and disciplines including:

Jobs with a Bachelor’s in Urban Studies

Master’s Degree in Urban Studies

Graduate students are guided to customize their studies to fit their desired career focus. Accelerated and Dual-Degree programs are popular at the graduate level allowing students to earn their degree(s) in an abbreviated amount of time. Great graduate degree programs in Urban Studies also encourage students to participate in meaningful hands-on opportunities such as internships and research projects. A Master’s is also a popular choice for those choosing career paths such as research, writing, or teaching.

Jobs with a Master’s in Urban Studies

Is an Urban Studies Degree worth it?

If you are looking for a career with a variety of job opportunities, this degree may be an excellent choice. Students who use their educational entitlements (such as the GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon program, etc.) may be able to earn their degree without spending a dime out of pocket.

GI Bill®-approved Schools with Degrees in Urban Studies

Ready to start your Certificate or Degree in Urban Studies? Check out these great programs available at our partner schools:  

Loyola University Chicago

Offers Urban Studies as a minor for its undergraduate degrees and a Master of Arts in Urban Affairs. Loyola University Chicago is a Yellow Ribbon school.

Kent State University

Offers Urban Studies as a minor for its Associate degree and Bachelor degree options.

Saint Peters University

Offers Urban Studies as a major and minor for its Bachelor Degree programs. St. Peters is a Yellow Ribbon school.

University of Arizona

Offers a fully online Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Development. A BS in Urban and Regional Development is also offered as a campus-based program. University of Arizona also offers a Master of Science in Urban Planning and an accelerated option for this MS as well. University of Arizona is a GI Bill® GI-approved school that offers credit for military experience and awards credit for both the CLEP and DSST exams. University of Arizona is a Yellow Ribbon school and is approved for Tuition Assistance.

*All statistics and calculations from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For more information click here.