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Syracuse University Military Students

Syracuse University Is Making Things Easier For Military Students

Syracuse University has been helping veterans and military members with their education for over 100 years now. Back in 1918, nearly 800 veterans enrolled to the university upon discharge from World War II. They employ veteran admissions advisors who can help military members transition from the service to being a student assisting them with the… Read more »

dorm room shopping

The Best Dorm Room Shopping Tips For Parents

Your son or daughter graduated from high school in May, you have the whole summer together, and they don’t leave for college until August. But, there is one thing looming over your head, their dorm room. You need to work with your student to get ready for this big move, and doing so can be… Read more »

5 Tips to Ensure a Solid Start to Your College Experience

5 Tips to Ensure a Solid Start to Your College Experience Service members tend to transfer several times throughout their military careers. The military has processes to ensure that your transfer goes as smoothly as possible. No matter where you go in the military you will find people you have much in common with a… Read more »

Mikie Sherrill

Mikie Sherrill: Veteran and Congresswoman from New Jersey

Rebecca Michelle “Mikie” Sherrill is a Democrat who has won a seat in the US House of Representatives in New Jersey’s 11th District. This is her first political office. About Mikie Sherrill Mikie was born in 1972 in Alexandra, Virginia. She grew up on the East Coast because of her father’s job and now lives… Read more »

Delaware BAH Rates 2020

Find Delaware BAH Rates (Basic Allowance for Housing) broken out by city, pay grade and dependency status. For Post 911 GI Bill BAH Rates, please use E-5 with Dependents to determine monthly housing allowance. 2020 BAH Rates for Delaware DOVER AFB & REHOBOTH, DE BAH Rates Schools in Dover, Delaware Delaware State University (zip code 19901)… Read more »

thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving: Tips for Survival

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Many of us are dreaming of grandma’s pie or the endless amount of stuffing we’re about to consume…     But for some of us, there’s always a looming concern of family drama and table conversations that make our skin crawl… With the current state of affairs and how spilt… Read more »

military job reviews

Get Honest Advice on Every Single Military Job

  You’re interested in joining the military, but you don’t have anyone (other than a recruiter) who can guide you through deciding what branch to join or how to map out your career progression. You really want the perspective of someone who has gone through the enlistment process who can give you firsthand military job… Read more »

going to school as a parent

Going to School as a Parent…How It’s Possible

Going to school as a parent may seem impossible, but if armed with the right tips, tricks, and tools can actually be quite successful for the whole family. Ask for Help  Raising a child takes a village. Adding school to the mix only adds to the need for assistance. (If you are a military spouse,… Read more »