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Syracuse University Military Students

Syracuse University Is Making Things Easier For Military Students

Syracuse University has been helping veterans and military members with their education for over 100 years now. Back in 1918, nearly 800 veterans enrolled to the university upon discharge from World War II. They employ veteran admissions advisors who can help military members transition from the service to being a student assisting them with the…

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Mikie Sherrill

Mikie Sherrill: Veteran and Congresswoman from New Jersey

Rebecca Michelle “Mikie” Sherrill is a Democrat who has won a seat in the US House of Representatives in New Jersey’s 11th District. This is her first political office. About Mikie Sherrill Mikie was born in 1972 in Alexandra, Virginia. She grew up on the East Coast because of her father’s job and now lives…

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thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving: Tips for Survival

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Many of us are dreaming of grandma’s pie or the endless amount of stuffing we’re about to consume…     But for some of us, there’s always a looming concern of family drama and table conversations that make our skin crawl… With the current state of affairs and how spilt…

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veterans living in florida

Why it Rocks Living In Florida As a Veteran

The state of Florida is one of the top states where veterans and military flock to after getting out of the military. But, why? We’ll explain…   The Climate + Some of The Best Beaches in The World Florida’s climate is one of the best in the continental US, and having some of the most…

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independence day 4th of july fourth of july freedom

Independence Day

What does independence mean? Today, as a country we celebrate what independence to our country means. We look back on how we got here. We remember what our forefathers did in 1776, and what generations have done since then to protect our freedom. Today we salute all those who fight for our freedom and for…

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The 8 Keys To Veterans Success: What’s Missing

Every school nowadays wants to be a ‘military friendly school’ and participate in multiple Veteran/Military/GI Bill user programs. But, what are these programs comprised of? How did they come to fruition? Who is in charge of them? And most importantly: How will these programs help veterans? The 8 Keys to Veterans Success & The Obama Administration…

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University of Wisconsin Parkside Offers Diversity To Veterans

Wisconsin Parkside Offerings For Student Veterans

Ranked as the most diverse campus within the University of Wisconsin system, the University of Wisconsin Parkside campus prides itself on being an easily relatable campus for student veterans. Why is that? Their campus is comprised of students of all ages. Here’s a look into UW Parkside to see what’s going on on campus to…

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Best University in West Virginia for Veterans

West Virginia University: Best for Veterans

Deciding on a college that fits your needs is hard enough, but on top of that you have to do the math to see if said institution fits your budget. To keep costs low, many students nowadays choose to stay close to home and take advantage of their in-state tuition benefits. Interestingly, states are also doing…

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What Motivates You? How about Ryan Pitts?

Here at Home Front Alliance, we love watching TedTalks.. They motivate us beyond belief and instill a sense of tenacity in us. There is something about talented speakers who have had experiences to overcome and then come out on the other side better for having experienced them. Insert Ryan Pitts, a young Medal of Honor…

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