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My Military Child Is Going to College, What About TRICARE?

What You Need to Know About TRICARE When Your Military Child Goes to College Your military child has turned 18 and is headed off to college. Until now, it has never been a question about what type of TRICARE they would need. You have TRICARE Prime, so they do. But when a military child leaves…

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thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving: Tips for Survival

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Many of us are dreaming of grandma’s pie or the endless amount of stuffing we’re about to consume…     But for some of us, there’s always a looming concern of family drama and table conversations that make our skin crawl… With the current state of affairs and how spilt…

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The 8 Keys To Veterans Success: What’s Missing

Every school nowadays wants to be a ‘military friendly school’ and participate in multiple Veteran/Military/GI Bill user programs. But, what are these programs comprised of? How did they come to fruition? Who is in charge of them? And most importantly: How will these programs help veterans? What’s Missing from the 8 Keys to Veterans Success? In…

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