Enlisted to Medical Degree Program for Military

Enlisted to Physician Preparatory Program for Military

There is an opportunity to help enlisted military to become physicians.  It is called the Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program (EMDP2).  The program takes 24-months and enables highly qualified enlisted service members to complete the preparatory coursework for application to medical school while maintaining an active duty status!

life after the military

Options After the Military

Options After the Military Every service member has a reason for deciding to transition out of the military. Some make this decision to focus on their family, go back home, go to school, or many other reasons that may come to mind. Transitioning out of the service can happen after one tour, many tours, or… Read more »

federal agencies hire veterans

Federal Agencies Looking to Hire Veterans: FBI, CIA, DHS, more

Federal Agencies Looking to Hire Veterans Whether you want to leverage your existing skills or make a bold career change, your military experience and training may make you an ideal candidate for a position in one of these government agencies: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) The Department of Homeland Security works in the civilian… Read more »

tech training military veterans

Tech Training Opportunities For Military and Veterans

Tech Training Opportunities You May Not Know About Jobs in technology tend to be abundant, interesting, and well-paid. In addition, they often offer more flexibility, job mobility, and work/life balance than many other careers. If information and training are the only things keeping you from pursuing a technology career, there are different ways to overcome… Read more »

separation and retirement services

Separation and Retirement Services for Military

Transitioning out of the military, be it after an eight year enlistment or retiring with twenty-plus years’ service under your belt, is a huge step. You aren’t merely stepping away from a job, but a job that is built within an entire unique community. Finding your way to a new normal in the civilian world… Read more »

transferable military skills

Transferable Skills Every Military Member Should Highlight

Transferable Skills Every Military Member Should Highlight When applying for a job it is important to highlight yourself in areas you might fall short. Businesses are increasingly seeing the value of hiring from the military community and often take experience over education. Military members operate with a “mission-critical” mindset, elevating their performance to a higher… Read more »

mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering: Degrees, Jobs and Scholarships

Getting a Degree in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical engineering is one of the many different engineering degrees you could choose to study. It is all about the study of objects and systems in motion, touching every aspect of modern life. It is one of the oldest of the engineering disciplines, combining engineering, physics, and mathematics. While… Read more »

welding career

Welding: A Wise Career Choice

How to Pursue a Career in Welding Does the thought of sitting behind a desk put you to sleep? If you want great money, great job security, and interesting work without spending years in school, a career in welding may be your best bet. America is in desperate need of welders. Older welders are reaching… Read more »

job experience student veterans

Hands-On Job Experience For Student Veterans

6 Ways for Veterans to Get Hands-on Job Experience While Still in School You’ve got lots of book learning, right? You’ve had plenty of lectures, theories, papers and more. But what about hands-on learning, the kind that proves to potential employers that you’re more than just book-smart. Here are 6 hands-on ways to develop knowledge,… Read more »

hvac technicians

Hot Prospects for HVAC Technicians

Hot Prospects for HVAC Technicians When it comes to stability and a promising job market, you can’t go wrong getting skilled in a trade.  If you’re looking for a trade that offers job growth and a relatively short training time, you may want to consider becoming an HVAC technician. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and… Read more »

construction management degrees

Degrees in Construction Management

A Degree in Construction Management May Be Right for You Were you a 12B combat engineer or a Seabee? Then the skills you learned in the field give you a head start toward a degree in Construction Management (CM). CM professionals plan, budget, and supervise new building projects and can work on any number of… Read more »

professional organization memberships

Discounted Memberships to Professional Organizations

Free and Discounted Student Memberships to Professional Organizations Professional organizations are a fantastic way to gain deeper understanding of a career that you wish to explore further. They exist to advocate for a specific profession and support their members in various ways. Financial – Student membership are often free or significantly discounted and members are… Read more »

education degree

Getting A Degree In Education

Degrees in Education Getting a degree in education is a popular choice when it comes to securing a well-paying job with great benefits. A degree in education will give students a general background in education and teaching while allowing one to specialize in a specific grade level (elementary or secondary) and particular subject areas such… Read more »

education careers for veterans and military spouses

Education Careers for Veterans and Military Spouses

Careers in Education for Veterans and Military Spouses Every May, teachers are celebrated for their hard work and contributions to enriching the lives of students through education. Teacher Appreciation Week originated around 1950 when a teacher advocated for her profession and Eleanor Roosevelt convinced Congress to formally recognize teachers. For the nearly 1 million military-connected… Read more »

nursing careers veterans spouses

Nursing Careers for Veterans and Military Spouses

Nursing Careers for Veterans and Military Spouses Nurses have stepped into the limelight due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Before this publicity, nurses have long been one of the most highly respected professions – ranking number one in honesty and ethics for nearly 20 years. The World Health Organization declared 2020 the Year of the Nurse… Read more »

degree social work

Getting a Degree in Social Work

Getting a Degree in Social Work Getting a degree in Social Work can be a great way to work with people and your local community. It will be a job in which you can help improve the quality of life for people and work towards system-wide changes. Social workers can work with individuals, couples, families,… Read more »

business administration degrees

Getting a Degree in Business Administration

Business Administration Degrees Getting a degree in Business Administration is one of the more popular choices when it comes to what you will study in college. Getting this type of degree will give you a general background in accounting, finance, marketing, human resources management, and other business-related topics. You can get an associate’s degree, bachelor’s… Read more »

HERO veteran career

Explore a Career Where You Can Be a HERO

Post-Military Career Opportunity: Be a HERO Aptly named, The Human Exploitation Rescue Operative (HERO) Child-Rescue Corps is a program designed to give veterans a second career as a hero. HERO specifically aims to, “recruit and train wounded, ill, or injured active-duty service members, transitioning active-duty service members, and military veterans for employment to support law… Read more »

troops to teachers

Troops To Teachers: Top 4 Tips For Veterans to Become Teachers

Entering the civilian workforce after a career in the military can be daunting, to say the least. The high level of skill and expertise that service members possess may be undervalued and translate inadequately to many civilian jobs. This is not the case in the field of education. In fact, military members have proven to… Read more »

Wounded Warriors Internship FBI

Wounded Warriors Internship Opportunities with the FBI

Source: The following content was provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation The FBI’s Wounded Warriors Internship Program enables the FBI to support veterans during their medical recovery, and provide career development opportunities for active duty service members recovering from a medical procedure. The FBI’s Wounded Warrior Internship Program The Wounded Warrior Internship Program offers… Read more »

Guide to Veterans’ Preference Points

Considering going to work for the Federal Government after you leave the military?  Then knowing how Veterans’ preference points work is a must. The following guide will help you take advantage of this hiring preference program for veterans. Veterans’ Preference Points Fast FAQs: Fast FAQ #1: What do Veterans’ preference points do? Veterans’ preference points… Read more »

find a job as a veteran

How To Find a Job as a Veteran

Whether you served for four years or twenty-four years, transitioning from the military to the civilian world is often an exciting yet stressful time. Many service members approach the end of their contract or retirement with a sense of pride, accomplishment, and excitement. “What Next?” Then, the big question: “What next”? This question and the… Read more »

civilian jobs after serving in military intelligence

Civilian Jobs After Serving In Military Intelligence

Working in military intelligence while in the service can help you with your after military career. There are many different paths you can take after military life is over based on your skills and what you have learned during your time in the military. Here are 4 options for after military careers if you worked… Read more »


Civilian Jobs After Serving In The Military in Aviation

Joining the military and working in aviation can be a smart choice. Not only can you have a successful career while serving in the military, but you can take your experience and the skills you learned to the civilian world. Civilian Jobs After Serving In The Military in Aviation If you have served in Aviation,… Read more »

civilian jobs combat medic

Civilian Jobs After Military Service As A Combat Medic

Serving as a combat medic in the military can set you up for a career in the medical field long after your military career is over. There are different paths you can take, and different ways to continue helping others in this way during your career. Civilian Jobs For Combat Medics After Military Service The… Read more »