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Colleges with Military Discounts

colleges with military discounts

As you are researching your educational plans, one thing to look for is colleges with military discounts. There are different ways they provide discounts for the military including schools with reduced tuition.

Colleges and Universities with Tuition Discounts for Military

Below you will find schools that offer reduced tuition for the military community at large.   They offer discounts of one hundred to a few hundred dollars per course hour.  While the savings may appear small on a per credit hour basis, they definitely ADD up.

List of Colleges with Military Tuition Discounts

Note: This is only a partial list.  You can find more details about each of the schools below.

For a full list of schools that offer military reduced tuition, please use our School Search tool.

For more details about each school above, please read below:

University of Louisville – Online

The University of Louisville has an online school with a military discount.

For active duty, the undergraduate and graduate rate is $250 per credit hour. Reserves and Kentucky National Guard may be eligible for the $250 rate as well. The Masters of Engineering in Engineering Management and the Certificate in Accounting do not qualify for the discount. You must be eligible for DOD tuition assistance to qualify. The regular price is $497 for undergraduate and $714 for graduate programs.

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Southern Illinois University Carbondale is a flagship school of the Southern Illinois University system. They have a variety of online degrees to choose from.

They offer a military discount to active duty, AGR, and guardsmen and reservists on active duty orders. The discount is $250 per credit hour. The regular cost would be $321.25 for undergraduate, $469.50 for graduate programs for IL residents, more for non-residents.

Often community colleges can offer discounts as well. Make sure to double check with any school you are thinking about attending. Even a small discount can help with the total you will be spending on your education.

Southern New Hampshire University – Online

Southern New Hampshire University is a private university located in Manchester, NH. At this school you can go to school on campus or online. They do offer over 200 programs from certificates to doctorates.

As a US service member you can receive up to 30% off the cost of tuition. Spouses can receive 25% off. Regular price would be $320 per credit hour for undergraduate degrees. Graduate degrees are on average normally $627 per credit hour.

Central Michigan University

At CMU, you can obtain a wide variety of degrees from bachelor to doctorate degrees.

Active duty military, Reservists, National Guard members, their spouses, and qualified dependents can receive a discount.

The discounted rates would be $290 per credit hour for undergraduate and $343 for graduate programs. The regular costs would be $417 per credit hour for undergraduate and $557 for graduate degrees. Discounts do not apply to the Professional Development or Personal Enrichment programs.

Liberty University

Liberty University is a private Christian university that has both a traditional campus and online school.

They offer a discount for military students and military spouses for their online program.

For undergraduate degrees, the cost will be $250 per credit hour, $275 for graduate degrees. The regular cost is $390 for undergraduate and $565 for graduate programs. The discount is not suitable for post-grad or doctoral degrees except for the Doctorate of Education as well as Educational Specialist.

Regent University

Regent University is a Private Christian University with both online and on campus in Virginia Beach options.

For active duty military and veterans, including reservists, you would pay $250 per credit hour for undergraduate work. For active duty, you would also pay $250 for select master’s programs; others would be 25% off. Reservists and veterans would pay the 25% off for all master’s programs. Spouses who go to school full-time would receive a $500 flat award, and $250 when enrolled part-time. There is also a 15% off discount on doctoral and law degrees. Full-time costs are normally $395 per credit hour for undergraduate programs, $495 and up for graduate programs.

Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University is a public university located in Bowling Green, KY.  They offer undergraduate, both bachelor and associate level, graduate, doctorate, and certification only teacher education programs. They offer over 101 academic majors and 111 minors for undergraduate degrees.

The military rate for undergraduate and graduate degrees is $250 per credit hour. You can not use this rate for doctorate degrees. This is for all service members on active duty, those serving in a reserve unit, or in the National Guard. The regular cost for undergraduate distance learning is $525 per credit hour and $707 for graduate programs.

Brenau University

Brenau University is a private university located in Gainesville, Georgia with campuses in Georgia as well as Florida. You can take classes on campus, online, or attend their Women’s College if you are female.

They do offer associate degrees through doctoral degrees as well as professional certificates in more than 50 areas of study.

They offer a military discount to those who have served or are currently serving in the military. Active duty, which includes the Reserves as well as the National Guard, will pay $250 per credit hour. Veterans, retirees, and spouses and dependents of active duty will receive a 10% discount. The regular price is $540 per credit hour for an associates, $624 for bachelor degrees and an average of $685 for graduate degrees.

Bellevue University

Bellevue University’s main campus is located in Bellevue, Nebraska. They offer online bachelor’s, graduate, and PhD programs as well as traditional and accelerated classes that you can take if those would work better for you.

The active duty military discount, which also includes the National Guard, Reserves and Coast Guard would be $250 per credit hour for all courses for select undergraduate degrees. The regular cost is $298 for undergraduate degrees and $410 for online classes.

Herzing University

Herzing University is a private university with 10 campuses across seven states as well as online programs. They offer undergraduate, graduate, and other continuing education degrees.

Active duty who are enrolled in regular and specialty programs may be eligible for a scholarship to reduce the cost to $250 per credit hour for undergraduate degrees and $500 for graduate degrees. The average for regular price tuition is $580 per credit hour.

Veterans and family members of active duty may be eligible for up to 10% discount off their semester tuition. Active duty military students enrolled in clock hour programs are eligible for up to 40% of their payment period tuition charges. Scholarships for the cost of the student’s enrollment fee and learner resource fee may also be included.

Stretch Your GI Bill Dollars

It may not seem like you’re saving much when it’s $100 per credit hour. It’s important to note that it typically takes you 120 credit hours to reach a bachelor’s degree.  Even at $100 savings per credit hour this would add up to about $12,000 total over the course of getting your degree.

This could help you stretch your GI Bill education benefits to further your educational goals.  whether you’re looking for an advanced degree or attempting to gain your bachelor’s degree while still in the service.

There are plenty of “military friendly colleges” but beyond that, these colleges with military discounts help keep money in your pocket.  These discounts can be for active duty, reserves, National Guard, veterans as well as their spouses and children.

Often community colleges can offer discounts as well. Make sure to double check with any school you are thinking about attending. Even a small discount can help with the total you will be spending on your education.

Saving Money Isn’t the Only Consideration

Saving money on tuition isn’t the only consideration when choosing a school.  However, it is an important consideration when stretching your GI Bill benefits (or your own dollars) to advance your educational goals.

If you’re looking for other ways to save, you might check out our scholarships for the military page or those that are yellow ribbon schools.

Here are some other ways you can save time and money: