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Getting Your Degree in Economics

Ever been curious about why some countries are poor, yet others are so rich? Ever wondered about what causes a recession? If so, the field of economics could be the right direction as a field of study to go into. 

Economics can help us answer those types of questions and more. The field is the study of how societies and markets distribute resources, including raw materials, land, human labor, as well as capital in order to create goods and services. Macroeconomics is the study of the economy as a whole, and microeconomics is the study of individual decisions. 

Those who pursue a career in economics can be employed by the government, investment firms, banks, non-profits, and large corporations. They will work to collect data, analyze that data, create reports, and more. 

Many jobs in this field do require at least a master’s in economics, but you can still find jobs by pursuing an associate’s in economics, or a bachelor’s. You can also go on to get your Ph.D. in economics. 

Students in this field will need to be strong in math, and analytical skills as well as having strong computer skills, and an eye for technology. 

Associate’s Degree in Economics

Getting your associate’s degree in economics would introduce you to the field of economics. Getting your associate’s degree should take you around two years, depending on if you attend full or part-time. 

You would take courses in subjects such as applied economics and finance. You would also take many of your general education classes. 

Also, you can get your associate’s degree in economics at a community or junior college and can attend in person or online, depending on what would work best for you.

After you earn your associate’s degree, you can go on to get your bachelor’s or find a job as a financial clerk, an insurance account manager, or customer service representative. 

Bachelor’s Degree in Economics

Getting your bachelor’s degree in economics will open up more doors than an associate’s degree would. A bachelor’s degree in economics should take four years and you should be able to attend either online or in-person, depending on what would work best for you. 

Those studying economics at this level would study subjects such as supply and demand, financial markets, economic policy, and international trade. You would take classes such as consumer economics, money and banking, and urban economics. 

For in-person programs, Florida International University, The University of Utah, and Oregon State University all have highly rated programs. For online programs, Washington State University, Pennsylvania State University, and Oregon State University all have highly rated programs. 

Jobs you can get with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics

Master’s Degree in Economics

If you want to go even further in your career in economics, getting your master’s degree would be the next step. Within a master’s program, you must decide on a specific concentration, such as applied economics, economic history, or health economics. 

Most master’s programs will take around two years to complete depending on if you attend full or part-time and you should be able to attend online or in-person. 

For in-person programs, Stanford University, The University of Texas at Austin, and The Georgia Institute of Technology all have highly rated programs. For online programs, Purdue University, American University, and Georgia Southern University all have highly rated programs. 

Jobs you can get with a Master’s Degree in Economics

Doctorate Degrees in Economics

To go even further in the economics field, you will need to get your economics. This would allow you to find jobs such as an economist, who will research and interpret trends that are related to goods, services, and resources, or to go into postsecondary education where you would teach on economics, and possibly conduct economic research. 

The University of Arizona, Binghamton University, and The University of California at Davis all have highly rated Ph.D. in economics programs. 

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Scholarships for Those Seeking Degrees in Economics

Getting your degree in economics means you can apply for certain scholarships that specialize in economics or similar degrees. Here are a couple of them:

The Mid-Atlantic STA Foundation

This scholarship is for high school seniors who have participated in the Stock Market game in MD or VA or sophomores or juniors who are majoring in business, finance, or economics at a college or university in MD, VA, or Washington DC. There will be two $2,000 scholarships given out to high school students, and two $5,000 for college students. For more info, please go here.

Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is by the DAR and is for two college juniors or seniors who are enrolled in an accredited college or university in the US. They must be pursuing a major in political science, history, government, or economics. The amount of the award is $5,000. For more info, please go here.


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VA-Approved Schools Offering Degrees in Economics

The New School (New York, NY)

Their campus is in New York, NY, but they also offer many online options. The New School offers Bachelors and Masters degrees in Economics.


In conclusion, the job outlook for economists and the military is improving. This is because economists and military personnel are often employed in the public and private sectors. As the government and companies hire more economists and military personnel, these professionals will become more valuable and useful.

In this respect, it makes sense to pursue a degree in economics if you are interested in working in this field. Hopefully, this article has helped you to identify how to select the right degree program as a military student for yourself, considering your unique needs as a veteran. As you look at the various programs available, you should think about how they will help you be able to pursue your career goals.