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How to Become a Military Veteran Friendly School

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Become a Military Veteran Friendly School

More and more military affiliated students are flooding onto college and university campuses. Schools want to attract these students because they come with federally funded education benefits. However, not all schools are recruiting these students with the best intentions, nor do they know how to best support and serve them. That is a big problem.

Only the Best Schools with VA-Approved Programs

We at CollegeRecon firmly believe that preying on GI Bill users & their federal benefit dollars is wrong. That’s why we built our college and university search tool to only schools with zero VA caution flags.

This means when military affiliated students use the search tool, only schools in good standing with the VA will populate.

Improve Your School’s Veteran Services

There are ways for colleges and universities to boost their skills and abilities to serve veterans and military affiliated students. Here’s a list we’ve come up with:

  • The U.S Department of Veteran Affairs compiled a list of resources and trainings that schools can apply and undertake. This list also includes different trainings and certifications schools can undergo to learn how to better serve veterans.
  • Learn about events, informational letters, & toolkits for making your school more student veteran friendly. 
  • 10 Ways to make your college more friendly to veterans.
  • Do you know how your school stacks up against your competition? Search for your institution on this online tool. There you will be able to see very clearly what veteran assistance programs your school does and doesn’t have. Seeing how you stack up against other schools can be the catalyst that sends your administration into action.

Why This Matters

Serving those who served our country is the least we can do, & setting them up for success in the civilian world starts with a college degree. Catering programing to support them and their unique needs through the college process is vital. Become a military friendly college! Help your institution to help veterans and military affiliated students by boosting your school’s skills today!

Let us know how your institution is making changes to better serve veterans.  Contact us today!