How do you best position yourself for life after the military? Sgt. Andres Reyes has an idea, “I’m going to continue my education.  I always want to be learning.”

degree while active duty

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From the Army to College

Sgt. Reyes has been in the Army for nine years, but after an injury while serving he began thinking about what his future after the military will look like. As a trained Army nurse and EMT, Reyes looks to carry his military experiences & skill set into life post-military. What’s the next step for him? A degree.

Reyes knew he wanted to enroll in a school in nursing informatics, but had no idea where to begin or how it would work with him being in the military.


The College Connection Tool For GI Bill Users

At the end of 2015, Reyes heard of a resource called CollegeRecon, and after some digging on the internet he came to the following conclusion, “The usability of the website, the benefits & search tool, everything… It’s truly amazing how much time it can save military affiliated students looking to get a degree,” Reyes told us.

college search for GI Bill users

What is

It is an online search tool that helps connect military affiliated students to the college or university that fits their needs. What sets it apart: This search tool allows college-bound individuals to search for schools that offer specific military assistance & programming.

For example, The Yellow Ribbon Program, 8 Keys to Veteran Success, a Student Veteran Counselor, a Student Veterans of America Chapter… these are just a few of the 16 different assistance programs that colleges & universities are putting in place to assist military-affiliated students across the country.

GI Bill benefits

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How CollegeRecon works

Sgt. Reyes quickly created a profile on & contacted over 50 different schools. He knew what career field he was going to end up in after graduation & set his sights on the corresponding degree program that would get him there.

“The only person who is going to represent you and your future is you. Accountability is #1, to yourself and to your goals.” – Sgt. Andres Reyes

After weeks of communicating with different admissions counselors and getting approval to apply to a school, Sgt. Reyes has some good news… He is happy to announce that he will be double majoring in Information Technology Management and Information Security and Risk Management at Lewis University  beginning this summer. “I would never have found Lewis University if it wasn’t for!”

“Finding military-friendly schools that aren’t just out for your benefits… that is so difficult. That is just one of the reasons why veterans have such a hard time transitioning to the civilian side.” – Sgt. Reyes


college search with GI Bill

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Sgt. Reyes’s Advice

For those also looking ahead to what their future will look like after the military, Sgt. Reyes has some advice:

“Before you start looking at colleges & universities, figure out what you want go for. Figure out the path. What is the end goal you want to achieve? Then make your profile on and begin the search for the right school for you.”

FullSizeRender Thank you Sgt. Reyes for sharing your personal experience with us!