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A Degree in Music Performance for Military and Veterans

A Degree in Music Performance for Military and Veterans

A Degree in Music Performance (or Performance) is ideal for musicians of all types! This is a great degree for those that wish to forge a career path that fosters their interests and talents!

What can you do with a Degree in Music Performance?

A Degree in Music Performance combines typical collegiate academics and performance classes along with Music Department standards such as music history, theory, composing, conducting, and music technology.

Students seeking a Degree in Music Performance can find employment in a variety of careers including:

  • Performing musician
  • Music educator
  • University professor
  • Recording engineer
  • Composer (film, commercial, gaming)
  • Arts administrator
  • Conductor
  • Sound designer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Music Journalist

Is a Music Performance Degree hard?

If you are a musician then a Degree in Music Performance is not hard! Students develop their specialty musical skill(s) which can include any wide variety of instruments including vocal/voice talents!

A Degree in Music Performance is available for many different musical specialties including:

·        Brass

·        Piano

·        String

·        Woodwind

·        Conducting

·        Orchestra

·        Percussion

·        Voice

·        Jazz

Getting a Degree in Music Performance

Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance

A Bachelor’s in Music Performance is a performance-intensive program, giving students a powerful base of knowledge in music, while also ensuring students receive a well-rounded academic background.

A Degree in Music Performance is perfect for a variety of musicians, from aspiring singers to instrumentalists, preparing professional performers for a lifetime in the spotlight. Students seeking a Degree in Music Performance may also choose to double major in complementary fields such as:

  • Education
  • Technology (study the basics of acoustics, recording, and mixed-media production through emerging technologies)
  • Composition (including writing music for the concert stage, theater, film, and even video games!)
  • Creative technology (use equipment to create new sounds and musical systems).

Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance:

Music Director- Lead musical groups for performances and recording sessions. Median Annual Salary: $49,000.

Composer- Write and arrange original music in a variety of musical styles for various mediums (film, television, video games, etc.). Median Annual Salary: $49,000.

Secondary Teacher – Teach academic lessons and performance skills that students will need to attend college. Median Annual Salary: $63,000.

Master’s Degree in Music Performance

A Master’s in Music Performance will provide advanced curriculum focused on musical history, theory, and performance skills. Students are expected to be masters in their field(s) of specialty in addition to having a fantastic broad knowledge of music and its impact on peoples, places, and histories. In addition to specific performance specialties, students may also choose to explore other graduate level areas of specialization including:

  • Broad to Specific Instrument Performance (Strings to Viola)
  • Composing
  • Conducting
  • Vocal Performance
  • Academic Instruction

Jobs with a Master’s Degree in Music Performance:

Producer- Make business and creative decisions about film, television, stage, and other productions. Median Annual Salary: $80,000.

Postsecondary Teacher – Instruct students in Music and Musical Performance courses beyond the high school level. Median Annual Salary: $80,000.

Top Executive- Plan strategies and policies to ensure that an organization meets its goals. Median Annual Salary: $99,000.

Author – Develop written content for various types of media. Median Annual Salary: $122,000.

Doctorate in Music Performance

Become the premier expert in your field of performance specialty! A Doctorate in Music Performance is an amazing achievement and a great accomplishment both academically and in the specialty concentration(s) of choice. A Doctorate in Music Performance is intended for musicians planning to work at the most advanced academic and/or professional levels of music.

Is a Music Performance Degree worth it?

A Degree in Music Performance is absolutely worth it! Especially for those students that are already interested or immersed in the world of musical performance, A Degree in Musical Performance can support students personal and academic growth while helping them attain a career like no other!

Programs such as the MyCAA (for eligible spouses), the GI Bill, and the Yellow Ribbon program are all examples of fantastic opportunities students can utilize for low to no-cost degree seeking opportunities! Educational entitlements are vast and varied, especially for military connected students, so be certain to do your research to attain the most financial aid possible.


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GI Bill®-approved Schools for Music Performance Degrees

Ready to start your Degree in Music Performance? Check out these great programs available at our partner schools:

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Offers a Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Performance, with a wide variety of concentrations including:

    • Brass
    • Conducting
    • Percussion
    • Piano
    • Strings
    • Voice
    • Woodwinds

University of Nevada Las Vegas is a Yellow Ribbon school.

Virginia Tech

Offers a Bachelor’s in Music with a variety of specialties including:

    • Music Performance
    • Music General – Liberal Arts
    • Music Composition
    • Music Education
    • Music Technology
    • Creative Technologies in Music

Virginia Tech is a Yellow Ribbon school.

Stetson University

Offers a wide variety of Bachelor’s in Music Performance, including: Music Performance – Guitar, Music Performance – Orchestral Instrument, Music Performance – Organ, Music Performance – Piano, and Music Performance – Voice. Stetson University is a Yellow Ribbon school.

Oklahoma State University

Offers several degrees in Music Performance, including Bachelor’s in Music: Performance and a Bachelor’s in Music: Jazz Performance. Oklahoma State University is a Yellow Ribbon school.

*All statistics and calculations from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For more information, click here.



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