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Why it Rocks Living In Florida As a Veteran

veterans living in florida

The state of Florida is one of the top states where veterans and military flock to after getting out of the military. But, why? We’ll explain…


The Climate + Some of The Best Beaches in The World

Florida’s climate is one of the best in the continental US, and having some of the most beautiful beaches at your fingertips isn’t all bad.

veterans living in florida

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Loads of Recreational Activities

Hiking, swimming, fishing, hunting, kayaking, walking, boating…. should we go on? The list in endless.. there’s always something fun to do outside!

veterans living in florida

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No State Personal Income Tax +  $25,000 Homestead Property Tax Exemption

This means that Florida residents get to take home more of what they make! They also receive a $25,000 homestead property tax exemption which basically removes part of your home’s value from taxation.

veterans living in florida

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Numerous Military Installations Throughout The State

   If retired, they can continue to use their benefits on base. Also, this means there’s a greater chance of finding a military defense contracting job after getting out.

veterans living in florida

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Strong Economy With Employers Who Appreciate & Hire Veterans

   Veterans are more likely to find a job in a state with the #4 top economy in the country.

veterans living in florida

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   No matter where a veteran comes from, when attending school in Florida, the tuition is the in-state rate.

veterans living in florida

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Veterans living in florida is no news, and now we understand why a little more clearly.

Do you live in Florida as a veteran or ex-military? We’d love to know why you moved there.


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