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A Community College for Airmen & Women

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How Airmen & Women Can Enroll at The Community College of the Air Force

Being active duty in the Air Force means that you are also afforded opportunities to continue your education while serving. How? Through the Community College of the Air Force.  The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) is a worldwide multi-campus community college established to meet the educational needs of the Air Force’s enlisted personnel.

CCAF partners with over 108 affiliated Air Force schools, 82 Education Service Offices located worldwide, and more than 1,500 civilian academic institutions to serve approximately 300,000 active, guard, and reserve enlisted personnel. This makes CCAF the world’s largest community college system. The college annually awards over 22,000 associate in applied science degrees from 68 degree programs.

CCAF is The Only Degree-Granting Institution of Higher Learning in The World Dedicated Exclusively to Enlisted Personnel

The CCAF strives to meet the demands of the Air Force’s expeditionary environment and at the same time help airmen achieve their educational goals by capitalizing on job-related training and education as part of flexible degree completion programs.  

“Offer and award job-related associate in applied science degrees and other academic credentials that enhance mission readiness, contribute to recruiting, assist in retention, and support the career transitions and professional growth of the Air Force enlisted corps.” – CCAF Mission

Diverse CCAF Programs

There are countless programs under the CCAF umbrella that cater to the different needs of airmen & women. One of them being General Education Mobile (GEM).

GEM is a partnership between the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and accredited civilian academic institutions that offer freshman/sophomore general education courses.  These courses are offered via distance learning format and meet the CCAF Associate in Applied Science (AAS) requirements.   

What is a General Education Mobile (GEM) Program?

  • A GEM program is a partnership between CCAF and civilian academic institutions
  • GEM offers general education courses to meet CCAF AAS degree requirements
  • Courses are offered in distance learning formats: anytime and anywhere
  • GEM reduces the CCAF educational impact of deployments, PCS, and family commitments

Why Enroll in a CCAF Program?

Enrolling in a CCAF program while enlisted in the Air Force could be the catalyst to set you up for a bright and successful future. As a result of keeping up your academic skills while serving, your transition into a bachelor’s degree program is likely to be smooth.

Depending upon your service, you could have full GI Bill benefits to pay for a 4-year bachelor’s degree program. The biggest hurdle to tackle when going to school after serving, is getting back into academic shape. (You won’t have that hurdle to tackle if you get an associate’s degree with the CCAF.)

Continuing your education through an associate in applied science degree will set you up for success. You’ll learn from real world experiences in the military while also learning in the classroom and staying ‘academically fit’. (Win, win!)

Enroll Today

Learn more about the opportunities that the CCAF can afford you, here.