Cybersecurity Job Category: Cyber Operations

Cyber Warriors that work in “Cyber Operations” provide specialized denial and deception operations and collection of cybersecurity information that may be used to develop intelligence. The Operations sub-specialties include:

All-Source Collection Manager – Collection Managers identify  collection authorities and environment; incorporate priority information requirements into collection management and develop concepts to meet their leadership’s intent. They also determine capabilities of available collection assets, identify new collection capabilities; and construct and disseminate collection plans. In addition to monitoring execution of tasked collections to ensure effective execution of the collection plan.

Cyber Operations Planner – Cyber planners perform in-depth joint targeting and cybersecurity planning process. They gather information and develop detailed operational plans and orders supporting requirements. Planners also conduct strategic and operational-level planning across the full range of operations for integrated information and cyberspace operations.

Cyber Operator – The cyber operator, is responsible for gathering evidence on criminal or foreign intelligence entities to mitigate possible or real-time threats, protect against espionage or insider threats, foreign sabotage, international terrorist activities, or to support other intelligence activities.

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