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4 Ways to Conquer Back-to-School Blues!

4 Ways to Beat the Back-to-School Blues

It’s Back-to-School time again!

How did summer fly past so quickly?!

No worries.  Don’t panic.

Whether you, your kids, or your spouse are hitting the books again, we think everyone can benefit from these tips.

Here’s how to beat the “Back to School” blues and start out the school year on the right foot!

Finish Your Summer To-Do List

Nothing feels better than crossing that final “to-do” off your list and then shredding the list altogether. What an accomplishment!

All those tasks you set out to accomplish during the summer will haunt you until they are finished.

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Start the school year off on the right foot without anything hanging over your head.

Our Director of Marketing shares a tip on how to get “back to school” the right way, “Every evening before winding down for the day, I make a ‘to do’ list for the following day.

The things at the top MUST be accomplished the next day, and then those listed at the bottom are long-term goals or projects that I need to keep in mind or make slow progress on.

It keeps me on task and feels good to cross off each task as I complete them.”

Get In Touch

Reach out to your advisor, professors, classmates, or the parents of kids in your child’s class. Touch base and catch up.

Find out what has been happening with them and let them know what has been happening with you.

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Reaching out and nurturing these relationships will not only help you emotionally because you will have supporters during this process but also, if you need some assistance or to ask a favor of someone down the road, you have options.

If you nurture these relationships and make yourself available for others when they might need someone to lean on, you create a crucial support system when striving for success.

This is helpful when returning to school and in the future as you build your network and pursue your career.

Plan It Out

Grab your Google Calendar or do it the old-fashioned way and purchase a planner.

Mark all of the school holidays, vacations (start out with fun reminders, of course), class schedules, and reminders.

The best way to start off the school year is on the right foot, and if you begin planning ahead, you won’t let anything fall between the cracks and forget a meeting or big project.

Make sure always to update it so that nothing is missed.

Set Your Alarm

Get back in the groove.

Before those mandatory early morning wake-up calls come in, warm yourself up to the idea of waking up and not pressing the snooze button before you go back to school.

At least a week before class starts, begin conditioning your body to go to bed earlier (don’t stay up until 2 am watching Netflix!) and wake up reasonably without snoozing your alarm 5 times.

This will make getting back into the swing of things much easier as you won’t be exhausted when it’s time to sit in a lecture or wake up to drive those kids to school. (No one wants to be sleep deprived and grouchy…so start conditioning your body now!)

Best of luck this school year. Happy studying!





About the author

Terry Howell is a retired Coast Guard veteran, where he served for 20 years.

He is currently the Executive Director for Veterans' Legacies, a non-profit that works to preserve veterans personal stories to help educate our youth.

Terry is also the author of The Military Advantage, an annually updated guide to military and veteran benefits.