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13 Tips for Military & Veterans on How to Apply for Scholarships

tips for applying to scholarships

When you are preparing to go to college or preparing for your son or daughter to go to school, you will need to think about how you will pay for everything. There are many ways to get financial aid as a military family, one of those methods is to apply for scholarships.

How to Apply for Scholarships

There are a lot of different scholarships out there. From scholarships for veterans to scholarships for military spouses, to scholarships on a variety of topics, some you might never have thought about before.

The key to applying and earning scholarships is to stay organized and apply for them. Here are 13 tips for applying for scholarships:

Apply for as Many as You Can

Don’t be afraid to apply for as many scholarships as you can. There are many to choose from and the more you apply for, the better the chance you will earn money for school. If you only apply for a couple and don’t get them, you will wish you had done more.

Thinking outside the box can also be a good idea. There are many different scholarships out there, on all different types of topics. Go beyond the usual ones and see what you can find.

Be Aware of Dates

Make sure you stay super organized when it comes to due dates. Have a calendar just for this. Write down all the due dates and make sure you stay on track. You don’t want to miss out on a scholarship because you missed the date.

Start Early

Don’t wait until right before you start college to think about applying for scholarships. Look ahead and start applying early. You wouldn’t want to run out of time or not be able to apply for any scholarships for your first year of college because you waited too long to start.

Personalize Your Essay

If the scholarship calls for an essay, make sure to personalize what you write.

You don’t want to write something general that is just like everyone else’s essay. Put time into what you write and make your essay the best it can be.

If you do get to pick your topic, go with something you know a lot about or are interested in writing about. That will make the whole writing process a lot easier.


After you finish your essay, make sure to proofread what you wrote.

Then have a friend or family member also look your essay over. Sometimes you can’t always see mistakes in your work and you need a set of fresh eyes.

When it comes to the application part, make sure you go over that as well to make sure you filled everything out correctly.

Make Copies

If you are going to send the scholarship application in the mail, make sure to make copies to have for your records.

You can even try to do the same thing for online applications if you can. Make a folder, so you have a history of what scholarships you have applied for.

Make sure to send the application certified mail with a return receipt, so you know that the application got to where it needed to go.

Remember, the More Work You Do…

The more work a scholarship requires, the fewer people will apply for it. That means a better chance of you winning the scholarship if you do apply for it. Keep that in mind when you are working on a scholarship application that seems a lot more complicated than others.

Don’t Wait Until the Due Date

Don’t wait until the day before the scholarship application due date to get started. There could be parts of the application you need time to get together. You might need to write a long essay or get a letter of recommendation.

This is why staying organized is a must. You don’t want to miss dates or forget about when things need to be turned in. Waiting for the last minute also doesn’t give you any room if you make a mistake and need to redo an application.

Stick to Any Word Count Limits

If the essay part of the scholarship application has a specific word count, make sure to stick with it. There is a word count for a reason.

If you need to rewrite the essay to do so, that can be a good idea so that your writing follows the requirements of the scholarship application.

Keep Going, Even If You Don’t Win

Hearing that you didn’t win a particular scholarship can be frustrating, but don’t let that stop you from applying for more. You won’t always win every scholarship, but you can win some of them if you keep applying. Try not to get discouraged about the process and keep going.

Take a Scholarship Class

If your school or community offers one, take a scholarship class. A class can give you step-by-step instructions to help you with the scholarship process. If you don’t have any in your local community, you can see if you can take a class online. There are a lot of options to gain some extra help in filling out your scholarship applications.

Don’t Assume They Are Only for High School Students

Scholarships are not just for high school seniors. You can still apply for some of them even if you are 40 years old and going to school. Make sure to check the requirements for each scholarship, and that will let you know if you qualify for them. Some scholarships are only open to those who are getting a degree for the first time, so that is also something to keep in mind if you are going to school for another degree.

Do Your Best, and Let It Go

When it comes to scholarships, it can be easy to be overwhelmed with the process. Do your best, stay organized, and once you turn them in, try not to stress. After you have submitted your application, there is nothing else you can do to help ensure they will pick you. Stay positive and hope for the best.

Schools Offering Scholarships for the Military

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Finding money for college can seem stressful at first, but if you break down what you have to do in manageable steps, finding that money is a bit easier. Use these above tips to help you apply for scholarships for college.


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