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Skillshare Scholarships for Online Learning

College Students Eligible for Skillshare Scholarships

Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers thousands of classes for creative learners. On this platform, you can learn skills that advance your career or help you discover new passions in life.

Skillshare Learning

Skillshare opens up about their platform and the benefits it brings to its students:

“At Skillshare, we’ve seen again and again how the seemingly simple act of creating can be a force for growth, change, and discovery in people’s lives. We want to inspire and multiply the kind of creative exploration that furthers expression, learning, and application.”

As an online learning platform, Skillshare offers courses that are taught by experts in their respective fields. By engaging with teachers, students can also get hands-on experience by completing projects and sharing them online.

In this way, students are able to get feedback on their work from the instructors. This pushes learning past the passive, theoretical methods of some learning platforms and engages students on a deeper level.

Skillshare Topics of Learning

The courses on Skillshare are generally broken down into four categories: Creative, Business, Technology, and Lifestyle.

Creative Curriculum

Under the Creative umbrella, students can choose from a myriad of courses that cover topics like:

  • Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Adobe Suite
  • Calligraphy
  • Fine Art
  • Photography
  • Storytelling
  • Video Editing
  • And so many more…

Business Curriculum

Skillshare’s courses and instructors bring a wealth of business knowledge to the table. Students can learn almost every facet of the business world with courses in:

Technology Curriculum

For those students wanting to begin or advance their careers in Information Technology, then check out some of Skillshare’s offered courses:

  • Data Science
  • Game Design
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Web Development
  • WordPress

Lifestyle Curriculum

Outside of work, most of us are looking to discover hobbies and passions that can enrich our lives. Skillshare brings together instructors who share the love of creation. Some topics covered in this category are:

  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Crafts
  • Embroidery
  • Flower Arranging
  • Interior Design
  • Jewelry Design
  • Screen Printing
  • Sewing

Signing Up for Skillshare

To sign up for Skillshare, you can set up an account with Facebook, Google, Apple, or with an email address. You must be over 16 years old to use Skillshare.

Skillshare does not advertise how much their subscription is, even in their terms of service. I’ve contacted the company to inquire about a monthly or yearly cost, but as of this writing I’ve not heard back from them.

On Apple’s App Store, the in-app purchases are listed as follows:

  1. Monthly Premium Membership – $31.99
  2. Premium Membership – $18.99
  3. Annual Premium Membership – $169.99

So, it looks like there are two tiers for monthly membership, ranging in price from just under $20 to just over $30, monthly. The annual membership fee is unambiguous and is comparable in price to other services like Wondrium and MasterClass.

Skillshare Scholarships

However, Skillshare does offer Scholarships that cover 50% of Skillshare membership for current college and university students. For the annual membership, that comes to be about $85 in savings. All you need to apply for this scholarship is a valid student email address. 

Additionally, Skillshare awards a free year of access to 10 students every month. They encourage everyone to apply for this scholarship opportunity, especially those who are struggling financially. This is a good move for a growing company!

Finally, for anyone living in the United Kingdom, Skillshare is offering a free year of membership to workers whose furlough ended on 31 September 2021. There are only 100 of these scholarships, and they will go to the first eligible applicants. You have until December 31, 2021, to apply.


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The Beauty of Lifelong Learning

What I love most about Skillshare as a platform is a fresh approach they’re taking to learning in general. I’ve had past subscriptions to the Great Courses and LinkedIn Learning, and I love the courses and lectures. 

But Skillshare has taken online learning and married it to practical application, so students are applying what they’re learning, not just watching the instructor. The feedback students get is also a priceless benefit that sets Skillshare apart from other online learning platforms. 

If you’re interested in upgrading your skills, learning new ones, or discovering your next hobby, then check out Skillshare. Make sure you apply to all the available scholarships for which you are eligible, as it may save you some of your hard-earned money.

But most importantly, always be learnin’!

For more info on Skillshare, please go here.






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