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Support Our Scholars: Scholarships & Mentorships for Women Students

Scholarships & Mentorship for Women Students

If you are a transitioning female veteran, military spouse, or family member, there is a fantastic scholarship opportunity for you through Support Our Scholars.

Support Our Scholars

Our organization selects young women with exceptional academic achievement and mentors them throughout their four years of college and beyond. We know that disadvantaged and/or first generation students need the support of mentors and stipends to accomplish their goal of graduating from college.

This scholarship and mentorship opportunity seeks to improve the chances of graduation for women students, especially those from disadvantaged communities and those who are the first college students in their families.

What do Scholars Receive?

After selection, each SOS Scholar receives:

  • A trained mentor
  • $10,000 stipend, to be paid incrementally over four years of college
  • Complete dorm room provisions
  • A laptop computer
  • A support team of Business Women for contacts and internships

How to apply for Support Our Scholars

The deadline for applications is February 1, 2022, so don’t wait to apply. Candidates must submit an online application, where you will enter basic demographic information and answer questions about your education goals.

Furthermore, you must submit the following documents along with the application to be considered. These documents can be uploaded and attached at the time you submit your online application or mailed in separately.

  1. Transcripts – Mail transcripts to: Support Our Scholars, PO Box 1985, Winter Park, FL 32790-1985
  2. Letters of Recommendation – You must submit three letters of recommendation, and one of them must come from a guidance counselor.
  3. Essay – Submit a 500-700 word personal statement explaining why you should be chosen as an SOS Scholar. Make sure you address how a mentor could help you through your education.
  4. FAFSA and Student Aid Reports – Login to you account at FAFSA.gov and print your SAR from the “My FAFSA” page. Scan this and upload to SOS application.
  5. 1040 Tax Form – Provide a copy of your parent or guardian’s 2020 1040 Tax Forms.
  6. Proof of Citizenship – This can be any of the following:
    1. Passport
    2. Birth Certificate
    3. Social Security Card
    4. Certificate of Naturalization
    5. Certificate of Citizenship

Fortunately, most of these items can be uploaded along with the online application. Only the Transcripts provide a specific mailing address.

Support Our Scholars Timeline

Again, the deadline to submit your application is February 1, 2024. Then, on or around March 18, 2024, Applicants will receive notification of their interview date.

In April, all applicants will be interviewed by the Support Our Scholars review board. About two weeks later, those candidates who have been selected as SOS Scholars will be notified.

Finally, around May 1, 2024, SOS Scholars will attend a Scholar + Mentor Bootcamp, followed by a Dorm Shower a few weeks later. Attendance at these events is mandatory for all SOS Scholars.

More Information about Support Our Scholars

If you need assistance with an application or have questions about any of the required documentation, please do not hesitate to contact Support Our Scholars at:

  • (407) 622-4422
  • 400 N New York Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789-3159

So, please do not miss this opportunity to secure additional funding for your college education. If you are eligible, Apply Today!

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