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Battlefields to Ballfields Scholarships for Veterans

Over the last ten years or so, social and political pressure elevated veteran issues into the national conversation. Veterans were returning from war, leaving the service, and facing the unparalleled challenge of reintegrating into society.

Battlefields to Ballfields

However, organizations are stepping up to the plate and offering assistance to the veteran community. One such non-profit is Battlefields to Ballfields.

This awesome organization provides scholarships to returning veterans and assists them in obtaining employment in Officiating. By tapping into teamwork, a common bond between sports and military service, B2B hopes to elevate members of our veteran community into the arena of professional sports.

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Eligibility & Details

Here are the eligibility requirements for the scholarship. A veteran must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Currently serving or a veteran of the United States military
  • Living in the US
  • A first-year official, meaning they have never officiated before.

To take advantage of the Battlefields to Ballfields scholarship, here is some important information to remember when applying:

  1. You must register with your local sports officiating association before or at the time of applying for the scholarship. Keep your receipts as B2B will reimburse you!
  2. DO NOT purchase your uniforms before receiving a notification from B2B.
  3. When you fill out the application, if it’s done correctly, you will receive a confirmation screen with the word “Submit”.

Scholarship Details

The B2B scholarship lasts for three (3) seasons. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

1st Season:

  • Starter Kit – Contains uniform items for the sport for which you receive a scholarship, and it has an estimated value of $300. These items come from B2B’s authorized supplier.
  • Local officiating dues
  • National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) membership, to include liability insurance coverage, a subscription to Referee Magazine, discounts at hotels, and special discounts from 3rd party uniform suppliers.
  • US Veteran sew on patch

2nd & 3rd Seasons:

  • Local dues
  • NASO membership renewal

It is important to note here that Battlefields to Ballfields does not directly provide officiating training. That training will be provided by your local association.

Also, B2B uses ID.me to verify an applicant’s military status. If you are a veteran and have not done so already, please register with ID.me today.

Step Onto the Field

Battlefields to Ballfields is one of those nonprofits that makes you proud to be an American. They support veteran reemployment into officiating, thereby strengthening the sports programs in communities around the country.

Once you’ve established an ID.me account, head over to the Battlefields to Ballfields website and submit your application.

This opportunity is a home run for veterans!


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