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Save with Back-to-School Tax-Free Weekends and AAFES

back-to-school tax-free weekends

Back-to-School season is here. Depending on where you live or if you shop at AAFES, there are additional ways to save.  Timing your shopping to the Back-to-School Tax-Free Weekends is a great way to save even more money!

States with Back-to-School Tax-Free Weekends

During these tax-free weekends, you can shop for items such as clothing, shoes, and school supplies tax-free. Each state has different dates and might have slightly different rules for what qualifies. Additionally, all AAFES customers can save, too, during this time.

Exchange Offering Extra Savings for the 2023-2024 School Year

The Army & Air Force Exchange Services announced that Exchange shoppers can take advantage of extra savings during this year’s back-to-school shopping season.

Some Exchanges participate in the sales-tax holiday by offering discounts on eligible back-to-school items. The discount will be equal to the local sales tax rate in the area of the participating Exchange.

Currently, when shopping at the Exchange, military members and their dependents do not pay sales tax, so they have chosen to use this opportunity to offer an extra discount based on local sales tax rates.

This added discount will be a welcomed opportunity to save money on school supplies. It is important to remember that this discount is only being offered in stores and not online.

States with Tax-Free Holidays for Back-to-School

The sales-tax holiday discount consists of select dates in different states where certain back-to-school items will be tax-free. The items include clothing, footwear, school supplies, and backpacks. Computers and electronic devices are available in some states during the tax-free holiday.

16 states have decided to participate in the tax-free holiday this year. Below is a list of participating states, scheduled discount dates, and items available for discount. Only Exchanges in the 16 states will be participating in the tax-free holiday by offering discounts on back-to-school items. Exchanges will only offer discounts on back-to-school items listed below and in the state where they reside.

List of States with Tax-Free Holidays for Back-to-School

Updated for 2023

Alabama – July 21-23

Clothing, computers, school supplies, and books.

Arkansas – Aug 5-6

Clothing and school supplies.

Connecticut – Aug 20-26

Clothing and footwear.

Florida – July 24-Aug 6

Clothing, school supplies, and computers.

Illinois – Does not have a tax-free weekend in 2023.

Reduced rate for clothing and school supplies

Iowa – Aug 4-5


Maryland – Aug 13-19

Clothing, footwear, and backpacks.

Massachusetts – Aug 12-13


Mississippi – Jul 28-29

Clothing and footwear

Missouri – Aug 4-6

Clothing, computers, and school supplies.

New Mexico – Aug 4-6

Clothing, computers, computer equipment, and school supplies.

Ohio – Aug 4-6

Clothing and school supplies.

Oklahoma – Aug 4-6


South Carolina – Aug 4-6

Clothing, school supplies, computers, and others.

Tennessee – July 28-30

Clothing, school supplies, and computers.

Texas – Aug 11-13

Clothing, backpacks, and school supplies.

Virginia Does not have a tax-free weekend in 2023.

Clothing, school supplies, energy star products, hurricane preparedness items, and generators.

West Virginia Aug 4-7

Clothing, school supplies, sports equipment, computers, and tablets.

It is important to double-check with your local Exchange to verify items that will be available for a discount, the date of the discount, and the discount rate. You can check the state list here for more information.

You can find more info on your state’s tax-free weekend here.

AAFES Back-to-School Tax-Free Weekend Offer Additional Savings

At AAFES, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, you can shop tax-free every day. During tax-free weekends they are offering an additional percentage off. This percentage is equal to your state’s tax rate.

For example, in Florida, the sales tax rate is 6%. You would save 6% regularly at your local AAFES. During the AAFES tax-free weekend, you would save an additional 6%.





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