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Student Travel Benefits For Military Dependents

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Dependent Travel Benefits For Military Dependents and Their Parents

You are stationed in Germany but your son goes to college in Florida. Christmas is coming, and you want them home with you for winter break. The cost of plane tickets to Europe seems so high. Did you know that there is a student travel benefit for your college-age son or daughter you can use to help?  Find out everything you need to know about the military dependent travel benefit.

The government will pay for one round-trip ticket each fiscal year for college students.

What Are the Military Dependent Travel Benefits?

The government will pay for one round-trip ticket each fiscal year for college students. You do have to qualify for this travel benefit.

How Do I Qualify for Military Dependent Travel Benefits?

In order to qualify, the following must apply:

The military parent must be:

  • On an accompanied tour in an OCONUS location with the rest of their family. Alaska and Hawaii do not count in this case. They will then be sponsored by the command.
  • The custodial parent of the student.

The student must be:

  • Unmarried and under the age of 23, although there could be some exceptions to this rule.
  • Attending an accredited college or school and working towards an undergraduate degree, or a postsecondary vocational or technical training. Service academies, however, do not count for this.
  • Enrolled in school full-time, which is 12 credit hours or more.
  • Student must have already traveled to the parent’s home on PCS orders. If parents move overseas while the student is in college, their first trip over there would count as flying over on PCS orders. They could then use the travel benefit once a year after that.

Additional stipulations:

  • You can use this benefit once every fiscal year and it does not have to be used during the holidays or summer vacation, although that is probably most likely when you would use it.
  • The travel benefit must be authorized through the military parent’s command and be completed through the travel office.

If you are overseas and have a college student back in the US going to college, make sure to take advantage of this travel benefit.




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