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Student Travel Benefits For Military Dependents

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Dependent Travel Benefits For Military Dependent Students and Their Parents

If you are a military family with college-age dependent children, you may qualify for military travel benefits so the student can return to the family over college breaks in cases where the student  is enrolled “in colleges away from their active-duty parent’s OCONUS duty station” according to the DoD.

How Do I Qualify for Miltary Student Travel Benefits?

According to Military OneSource, “The government will pay for one round trip each fiscal year for college students” if they meet requirements including, but not limited to the following:

  • The military parent is on an accompanied tour and the family is living overseas with the parent. In these cases the student is “sponsored?” to travel by the command.
  • The service member is the custodial parent of the college student.
  • The student is unmarried and 23 or younger.
  • The student attends school 12 credit hours or more.
  • The student has already traveled to the parent’s home on PCS orders.

This travel benefit is authorized through the gaining command. It must be arranged using an official military travel office.

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What To Know

This benefit may not apply in cases where the student is attending a military service academy. In addition to the travel being arranged by the sponsor’s command, the type of travel and benefit delivery may vary.

Some may be placed on Space-A flights, others may be placed on military aircraft on a mission without Space-A seats offered otherwise, or the command may chose to reimburse the traveler for a commercially booked ticket.

Your experience may vary.

Military OneSource reminds military travelers they can use military ID to get around long airport security lines. “Service members and their families can take advantage of TSA Precheck to expedite waiting time at the airport when flying commercial.”

Show your Defense Department ID as your “known traveler number” and you may be permitted to go thru security “without removing your shoes or jacket or having to take your laptop out of your bag.



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