Military Dependents

scholarships for marines and families

10 Scholarships for Marines and Their Families

Scholarships for Marines and Their Families Going to college or seeking a professional certification or license can be a costly endeavor. Luckily, there are scholarship opportunities for Marines, their children, and their spouses. Check out these ten scholarship opportunities that can help you pressure your career goals. THE MARINE RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS (MARINE ROTC)… Read more »

college and covid-19

Sending Your Child to College During Covid-19

Sending Your Child to College During Covid-19 The transition to campus life is a milestone military kids tend to excel at. Family separations and frequent moves have made them adaptable, mature, and resourceful. Spending four years on the same college campus without having to change schools is a prospect many find awesome. Suddenly they’ve found… Read more »

college prep for military high schoolers

College and Career Prep Programs for Military Connected High Schoolers

College and Career Prep Programs for Military Connected High Schoolers The whirlwinds of military life and PCSs can make time seem to move in fast forward. This can feel especially true for active duty families with dependents on their way to high school or college. Understanding the resources available can help with making decisions as… Read more »

in-state tuition benefits veterans

States Offering In-State Tuition For Veterans After 3 Years From Discharge

Find states that offer in-state tuition for non-resident veterans beyond the 3-year discharge cap. The Choice Act requires states to offer in-state tuition to non-resident veterans for 3-years after leaving the military. However, 27 states have passed laws that make veteran students eligible for in-state tuition beyond the Choice Act’s limit. With this change there is now a confusing and inconsistent patchwork of laws across the country.

transfer go bill to dependent

What I Wish I’d Known Before: Transferring GI Bill Benefits to a Dependent

Transferring GI Bill to Dependent: A Personal Account Perhaps you are an Airman whose wife wants to go back to school and get her Master’s degree. Maybe you are a senior in high school contemplating a four-year university whose mom is a Marine. Regardless of the type of higher or supplemental education being sought, finding… Read more »

GI Bill Horror Story

Dependent’s Post-9/11 GI Bill Horror Story

If one of your parents has served in the military and can receive Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, they might be able to transfer those benefits to you. That way, you can pay for college to get the education you want. However, sometimes things can go wrong. Here’s one person’s GI Bill horror story.

education savings act military families

Education Savings Act for Military Families

Did you know that by the time most military children complete secondary school, they will have switched schools between six to nine times? According to the DoDEA, this is true, and it is three times more frequently than non-military families. You can probably relate to this with your own military children. This Education Savings Act… Read more »

scholarship students with disabilities

Scholarships For Students With Disabilities

If you have a child with a disability, there are a variety of scholarships they can apply for when it comes time to go to college. From scholarships for all disabilities to those for a specific disability. Scholarships For Students With Disabilities Here is a list of scholarships for students with disabilities to help pay… Read more »

dependent travel benefits

Student Travel Benefits For Military Dependents

Did you know that there is a student travel benefit for your college-age son or daughter? Did you know that if you and your child qualify, the government will pay for your child dependent’s round-trip airfare? Find out everything you need to know about the military dependent travel benefit.

in-state tuition for military children

In-State Tuition For Your Military Child

As a member of the military, you know you receive certain educational benefits for yourself and your family. Moving so often means you are changing states and locations and this could end up being an issue as your children reach college age. Where do they qualify for in-state tuition? What if you move to a… Read more »

College Scholarships For Military Dependent Children

Scholarships For Military & Veteran Dependents

They have had to say goodbye to mom or dad more times than anyone else, they have lived in more places before age ten than most people do in a lifetime, and as they grow up, they too want to further their education and go to college. Luckily, there are quite a few scholarships for military and veteran dependent children wanting to go to college.

states with free college of veterans and dependents

States Offering Free College To Veterans And Dependents

One part of raising children is wondering about how you will pay for college when the day comes. As a military service member, you probably wonder how your service can help. Or, as a veteran, you might be curious about your state and if they offer any tuition waivers for veterans.  The good news is, certain states do provide tuition waivers to veterans and sometimes their dependents.

back to school discounts for military families

Best Back To School Discounts For Military Families

With back to school season approaching, parents are on the lookout for deals when getting ready for the new school year. Here is a list of some of the best back to school discounts for military families. >> For more great military and veteran discounts direct to your inbox, sign up for the Military and… Read more »

military scholarships to apply for in 2019

College Scholarships for Military and Veterans

Are you looking for money for school? Then this list of veteran and military scholarships is for you! Find scholarships for active military, veterans, spouses, dependents and by degree program!

scholarships for gold star families

Scholarships For Gold Star Families

Here are some scholarships for Gold Star Families to assist those surviving family members. There are no words we can say to express our gratitude to those who have lost a loved one during service to our country. They have gone through something so unimaginable. Those same family members may wish to further their educational… Read more »

Transfer Your GI Bill

Transfer your GI Bill to Spouse and Dependents

The Post-9/11 GI Bill allows service members to transfer unused education benefits to immediate family members (spouse and children). This is your guide to understand how to transfer your GI Bill to your spouse and dependents.

scholarships for veterans & military

9 Great Scholarship Sources for Veterans and Military Families

Money for college isn’t easy to come by, but this list of scholarships for veterans and military families is a great place to start. After applications and acceptance letters, costs for higher education can pile up. This isn’t breaking news. If you qualify for GI Bill benefits, you shouldn’t let them go to waste, so make… Read more »