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Wyoming Veteran Benefits & Disabled Veterans Benefits

wyoming veteran benefits

Wyoming Veteran Benefits

In addition to federal programs such as the GI Bill, there are veterans’ benefits programs provided by the state of Wyoming.

Wyoming Veteran Education Benefits

Wyoming National Guard Tuition Assistance Plan

This plan pays eligible applicants 100% resident rate tuition and mandatory fees at state-sponsored Community Colleges, the University of Wyoming, and the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy.

At a private institution within the state or when an institution has an agreement with the DOD, this state tuition plan pays the average of full-time tuition and fees per semester period. The amount is subject to change from year to year.

The Wyoming National Guard Educational Assistance Plan

This option offers educational assistance for qualified members of the Wyoming National Guard. There may be full tuition payment for state-supported schools and partial assistance offered for private institutions.

To qualify, you must be a service member and meet all the following:

  • Wyoming National Guard Service member eligible for reenlistment or continuation of service;
  • Must have served or are serving on a six-year contract and have two years of service remaining after the last day of the term the plan is used;
  • Must maintain 2.0 cumulative GPA;
  • Courses at multiple schools may approved;
  • Recreational courses must apply to the degree or program and may not be duplicated;
  • Service members have 10 years to complete a program.

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Wyoming Tuition Assistance for Veterans and Surviving Dependents

The State of Wyoming offers tuition assistance for qualifying overseas combat veterans, surviving spouses, and dependents. This program pays tuition at community colleges and the University of Wyoming and is good for 8 semesters within an 8-year period.

To qualify, veterans must be residents of Wyoming for at least one year before entering into active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces. The veteran must have an Honorable discharge and be awarded the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal or other authorized service or campaign medal.

Surviving spouses and children are eligible if the Service member died while serving on active duty. Children are eligible if they are under 22 years old when the parent died.

There is a similar form of tuition assistance offered to the surviving spouses and dependents of National Guard members who have died on duty or sustained a qualifying disability on duty.

Wyoming Veteran Tax Benefits

Wyoming offers a property tax exemption to qualifying veterans worth up to $3000 on the assessed value of a primary residence. This veteran tax break can be applied to a vehicle if it is not used for real estate.

Who qualifies? Veterans who were Wyoming residents three or more years prior to claiming the tax exemption. One of the following is also required:

  • Served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II, Korean War, or Vietnam War
  • Served overseas during an armed conflict and received an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal or equivalent
  • Disabled Veteran with a service-connected disability rating from the VA
  • Unremarried Surviving Spouse of an eligible Veteran

Contact your county’s tax assessor’s office to learn more about claiming this tax exemption.

Wyoming State Veteran Homes

The State of Wyoming operates the Veterans’ Home of Wyoming, which is an assisted living facility on the grounds of the former Fort McKinney. Services offered include

  • Primary care provider
  • Nursing care
  • Social services
  • Recreational services
  • Dietary services
  • Physical fitness and wellness programs
  • Financial counseling
  • Veterans’ benefits coordinator
  • Support services
  • Transportation services

The fee structure is based on the applicant’s ability to pay. To qualify for admission:

  • Veterans must have an Honorable discharge
  • Must be a Wyoming resident for at least one year at the time of application
  • Unable to earn a living or have no adequate means of support
  • Dependent of an eligible Veteran

Non-Veterans may be admitted if occupancy is less than 90% of the home’s capacity.

Wyoming State Veteran Cemetery

The State of Wyoming operates the Wyoming Oregon Trail State Veterans Cemetery in Evansville.

There is no charge for veteran services such as providing the burial plot or grave vault. Burial plots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Army.mil reports that at this veteran cemetery, “All other funeral expenses are the responsibility of the Family.”

Eligibility requirements for the Oregon Trail State Veterans Cemetery are the same as for VA National Cemeteries. Learn more at the VA National Cemetery Administration Eligibility official site. In general, the following requirements apply as reported by Army.mil:

  • Discharged from active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces under conditions other than dishonorable, or;
  • Died while serving on active duty, or;
  • Served at least 20 years in the National Guard or U.S. Armed Forces Reserves and is eligible for military retirement pay, or;
  • Reserve component Service members activated for federal service, or;
  • Spouses and dependents.

State of Wyoming Veteran Hiring Preference

The State of Wyoming offers a hiring preference to qualifying veterans and surviving spouses when competing for state jobs.

“Applicants must meet the requirements for the position and be able to accomplish the duties of that position” and consideration depends on the applicant’s status as a veteran or a disabled veteran:

  • Veterans receive 5% preference
  • Surviving spouses receive 5% preference
  • Disabled Veterans receive a 10% preference..

When a numerical scoring system is not used, “the Veteran or Surviving Spouse must be given an advantage over non-Veteran candidates that reasonably equals the preference given in a numerical scoring system,” according to Army.mil.

To qualify, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A resident of Wyoming for one year prior to application
  • A veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Received an honorable discharge
  • A veteran who has a 10% or more service-connected disability (10% advantage)
  • Surviving Spouse who was married to a Veteran at their time of death and is receiving federal survivor benefits

For more information regarding Wyoming veterans’ benefits, please visit the Wyoming Veterans Commission