USAA Member Benefits and Perks

USAA Benefits and Perks

USAA Benefits and Perks

As a military member, you can find different benefits out there for you and your family because of your military service.  Here is some background on USAA and their member benefits and perks.

When it comes to banking, you have a lot of choices, but USAA is made for service members and provides a lot of benefits from banking to buying a new car.

About USAA

USAA stands for United Services Automobile Association and was founded in 1922 in San Antonio, TX by a group of 25 Army Officers. They did so after not being able to secure auto insurance because of being perceived as a high-risk group.

They now offer many different products such as banking, investing, and insurance for service members, and their families. Today they have over 12.4 million members.

Who’s Eligible for USAA?

Membership is limited to current military members, to include active duty, the national guard, reserves, and officer candidates and their children.

USAA’s products and services are also available to military veterans and retirees, spouses, adult children of USAA members, and former members.

Benefits and Perks of USAA

USAA is member-owned. Each member owns a subscriber savings account.

Once a year, USAA has the option of paying out a distribution to USAA members. While not a guarantee each year, they usually do give you something which is a nice benefit.

They have stellar customer service. Anytime you need something and call USAA, they are helpful, understanding and work hard to get you the help that you need. Finding this type of customer service is refreshing and creates a better relationship between you and your financial institution.

They reimburse ATM fees. USAA will give you 10 free ATM withdrawals as well as refunding you up to $15 per month at non-USAA domestic ATMs. This means you don’t have to worry as much about the fees you are charged when getting money out of an ATM, whether it is a USAA one or not.

USAA makes it very easy to deposit checks from their app, pay bills online, and stay up to date on your bank accounts. And you can easily open a free checking or savings account.

They have many different insurance options, from auto to home to life. They also offer extra discounts when bundling more than one of their programs.

If you need a loan, you can easily apply online and usually can get a response in just a few minutes. They offer auto loans, personal loans, as well as home loans.

When you bank with USAA, you will be able to receive your military paycheck a day early. This can be super helpful and is a big plus to banking with them.


If you need advice about retirement, balancing your work life, or paying off debt, you can talk to a counselor and work towards your goals.

They also offer many different types of discounts, from buying cars, to travel, to home security systems.

So, Now You Can Decide

There are many USAA benefits and perks available to you as a member. When choosing where to bank, keep these things in mind as you are trying to decide where it would be best to go.

As far as deciding if USAA is right for you, that will depend on what you are looking for in a financial institution, what types of products you plan to use, and who you trust to keep your money safe. Just know that they will offer you and your family amazing benefits if you decide to go with them.





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