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education degree

Getting A Degree In Education

Degrees in Education Getting a degree in education is a popular choice when it comes to securing a well-paying job with great benefits. A degree in education will give students a general background in education and teaching while allowing one to specialize in a specific grade level (elementary or secondary) and particular subject areas such… Read more »

education careers for veterans and military spouses

Education Careers for Veterans and Military Spouses

Careers in Education for Veterans and Military Spouses Every May, teachers are celebrated for their hard work and contributions to enriching the lives of students through education. Teacher Appreciation Week originated around 1950 when a teacher advocated for her profession and Eleanor Roosevelt convinced Congress to formally recognize teachers. For the nearly 1 million military-connected… Read more »

nursing careers veterans spouses

Nursing Careers for Veterans and Military Spouses

Nursing Careers for Veterans and Military Spouses Nurses have stepped into the limelight due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Before this publicity, nurses have long been one of the most highly respected professions – ranking number one in honesty and ethics for nearly 20 years. The World Health Organization declared 2020 the Year of the Nurse… Read more »

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Getting a Degree in Social Work

Getting a Degree in Social Work Getting a degree in Social Work can be a great way to work with people and your local community. It will be a job in which you can help improve the quality of life for people and work towards system-wide changes. Social workers can work with individuals, couples, families,… Read more »

troops to teachers

Troops To Teachers: Top 4 Tips For Veterans to Become Teachers

Entering the civilian workforce after a career in the military can be daunting, to say the least. The high level of skill and expertise that service members possess may be undervalued and translate inadequately to many civilian jobs. This is not the case in the field of education. In fact, military members have proven to… Read more »

Wounded Warriors Internship FBI

Wounded Warriors Internship Opportunities with the FBI

Source: The following content was provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation The FBI’s Wounded Warriors Internship Program enables the FBI to support veterans during their medical recovery, and provide career development opportunities for active duty service members recovering from a medical procedure. The FBI’s Wounded Warrior Internship Program The Wounded Warrior Internship Program offers… Read more »

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Reasons For Veterans To Become a Physician Assistant

Reasons to Become a Physician Assistant If you want high pay, job security, and meaningful work, a career in healthcare may be your best bet. The combination of an ever-growing need and a shortage of qualified professionals puts Physician Assistants (PAs) in particularly high demand. Job Market For Physician Assistants The job market for PAs… Read more »

Law Enforcement Careers Can Start as a Correctional Officer

Many Veterans seek jobs in Law Enforcement after the military, but few consider looking into careers as correctional officers (prison guard). However, it may actually make good sense for you to consider working as a correctional officer to prepare you for a career in police work. In fact, working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons… Read more »

Guide to Veterans’ Preference Points

Considering going to work for the Federal Government after you leave the military?  Then knowing how Veterans’ preference points work is a must. The following guide will help you take advantage of this hiring preference program for veterans. Veterans’ Preference Points Fast FAQs: Fast FAQ #1: What do Veterans’ preference points do? Veterans’ preference points… Read more »

Cybersecurity Incident Response Specialist

Cybersecurity Job Description: Incident Response Specialist An Incident Response Specialist responds to crises or urgent situations within the pertinent domain to mitigate immediate and potential threats. Uses mitigation, preparedness, and response and recovery approaches, as needed, to maximize survival of life, preservation of property, and information security. Investigates and analyzes all relevant response activities. Below… Read more »

Cyber Investigations

Cybersecurity Job Category: Cyber Investigations Cyber Warriors that work in “Cyber Investigations” investigate cybersecurity events or crimes related to information technology (IT) systems, networks, and digital evidence. The two cybersecurity “Investigations” sub-specialties are: Cyber Investigator – Applies tactics, techniques, and procedures for a full range of investigative tools and processes to include, but not limited… Read more »

Cyber Defense Analyst

Cybersecurity Job Description: Cyber Defense Analyst A Cyber Defense Analyst’s job is to use defensive measures and information collected from a variety of sources to identify, analyze, and report events that occur or might occur within the network to protect information, information systems, and networks from threats. Below is a sampling of the tasks and… Read more »

Cyber Vulnerability Assessment and Management Specialist

Cybersecurity Job Description: Vulnerability Assessment/Management Specialist A Vulnerability Assessment and Management specialist conducts assessments of threats and vulnerabilities; determines deviations from acceptable configurations, enterprise or local policy; assesses the level of risk; and develops and/or recommends appropriate mitigation countermeasures in operational and nonoperational situations. Below is a sampling of the abilities, tasks and responsibilities for… Read more »

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Cyber Defense Infrastructure Support

Cyber Job Description: Cyber Defense Infrastructure Support A Cyber Defense Infrastructure support tech’s job is to test, implement, deploy, maintain, review, and administer the infrastructure hardware and software that are required to effectively manage the computer network defense service provider network and resources. A CDI monitors the network to actively remediate unauthorized activities. Below is… Read more »

Cyber Oversight and Governance

Cybersecurity Job Category: Cyber Oversight and Governance Cyber Warriors that work in “Cyber Oversight and Governance” provide leadership, management, direction, or development and advocacy so the organization may effectively conduct cybersecurity work. The “Cyber Oversight” sub-specialties include: Cybersecurity Manager – The Cybersecurity Manager oversees the cybersecurity program of an information system or network, including managing… Read more »

Cyber Security

Cyber Administration

Cybersecurity Job Category: Cyber Administration Cyber Warriors that work as “Cyber Administrators” provide the customer support, system administration, and maintenance necessary to ensure effective and efficient information technology (IT) system performance and security. Cyber Administrations is one of the largest cybersecurity job categories. The Cyber Administration category sub-specialties include the following: Customer Service and Technical… Read more »

Cyber Operations

Cybersecurity Job Category: Cyber Operations Cyber Warriors that work in “Cyber Operations” provide specialized denial and deception operations and collection of cybersecurity information that may be used to develop intelligence. The Operations sub-specialties include: All-Source Collection Manager – Collection Managers identify  collection authorities and environment; incorporate priority information requirements into collection management and develop concepts… Read more »

Cyber Analysis

Cybersecurity Job Category: Cyber Analysis Cyber Warriors that work in “Cyber Analysis” perform highly specialized reviews and evaluations of incoming cybersecurity information to determine its usefulness for intelligence. The cybersecurity “Analysis” sub-specialties include: All-Source Analyst – Analyzes threat information from multiple sources, disciplines, and agencies across the Intelligence Community. Synthesizes and places intelligence information in… Read more »

Cybersecurity career

Cybersecurity Career Guide – How to Become a Cyber Warrior

How to Become a Cyber Warrior – Cybersecurity Career Guide Every day we hear that another company, organization, or government agency has had a data breach. Big names like Facebook, Nike, LinkedIn, and even the Department of Homeland Security have become data breach victims. According to the University of San Diego, “the annual cost of… Read more »

college after the military

Why Going To College After Military Service Is A Smart Choice

Why Going To College After Military Service Is A Smart Choice As your time in service is coming to an end, you might be wondering if college is the right choice for you or if you should go straight into the workforce. There seems to be a lot of options for you at the moment…. Read more »

colleges that pay off the most

Top 10 Colleges That Pay Off The Most

How do you measure the value of a college degree? Does it really matter where you get yours from? According to a article, one way to measure that is NPV, or “net present value.”  They use NPV to come up with the following list of the Top 10 colleges that pay off the most… Read more »

enlisted to medical program

Opportunity For Enlisted Military to Become Physicians

Enlisted military members across the Armed Forces now have the opportunity to prepare for future careers as uniformed physicians thanks to the Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program. Enlisted to Medical Degree Program (EMDP2) The Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program, or EMDP2, is headquartered at the Uniformed Services University (USU) of the Health Sciences’… Read more »

Jobs for MP

Civilian Jobs After Serving in the Military as an MP

If you have served in the military as an MP, which stands for Military Police, you will probably have quite a few options for an after military career. Jobs After the Military for Military Police (MP) While becoming a civilian police officer can be the most streamlined choice, there are other possibilities. Here are four… Read more »

jobs after the military

Jobs After The Military: Interpreter or Translator

Being able to speak or write in another language is an excellent skill to have when looking for a job. Those that have worked as an interpreter or translator during their time in the military will have those skills.  This is in addition to the education and experience they will have gained during their time… Read more »

combat engineer

Combat Engineering: Civilian Jobs After the Military

All of the skills you acquire while serving in the military as a combat engineer, can help with future careers in the civilian world. Jobs for Combat Engineering Veterans Here are a few civilian jobs after serving in the military as an engineer (Combat Engineer, Construction, Electrician, Etc).  These job descriptions include salary information, education… Read more »