No one wants to invest time, energy, and money into a degree that gets you nowhere. Especially when you have already dedicated years of your life serving in the United States Armed Forces. It’s now time to transition out of the service and into the civilian world. The best place to start: School. But, what would you major in?  

These five majors are projected to be hired at rapid speed this year. Getting into one of these majors now could set you up for a great career down the road:

  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Nursing
  3. Engineering
  4. Computer Information Systems
  5. Finance
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1. Cybersecurity studies include the management of varying types of computer systems’ security as well as information assurance topics. We know all too well from recent events that breaches in security in this area of work can be detrimental and harmful. Check out these schools who rank as the country’s top cybersecurity programs. 

Military Maintenance Workers Good Fit For Cyber Security Jobs


2. Nurses are always needed and in demand. (Go into a nursing program and have job security for life!) This would transition really well if your position in the military overlapped in the health field too. Input “nursing” into this search tool and find out what not-for-profit colleges and universities offer nursing programs.


3. Engineers are highly skilled individuals. There also happen to be loads of different types of engineers: Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Civil Engineering… and the list goes on. Engineering students study advanced concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Math. During the second & fourth year, students study discipline specific courses which will define their chosen degree. Use this tool to help you narrow down your search of the right military friendly engineering program for you. 

GI Bill, collegerecon, student veterans, military friendly, majors, hiring

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Computer Information Systems

4. Computer Information Systems degrees can go onto to hold many different job positions. Software Developer, Programmer Analyst, Web Developer, IT Consultant, Network Engineer, or Application Developer to name a few. Students learn programming languages, computer architecture, system design and database management.

Classes incorporate hands-on work with computer hardware & software applications. Look at the way that technology is advancing and how the internet and computers are the center of so much progress. It would be a very exciting degree program to get into if you are interested in it. Not sure what not-for-profit, military friendly colleges & universities have Computer Information Systems degree programs? Search here


5. Finance is the art and science of managing money. Each of the many firms, businesses, institutions, and governmental agencies in our economic system has the problems of obtaining, administering, and managing its funds efficiently and wisely. Nearly every decision made by an organization has important financial implications. Therefore, finance students are introduced to and studies the theory, concepts, applications, institutional environment, and analytical tools essential for proper decision-making.

Finance students prepare for a broad variety of careers since all organizations need individuals knowledgeable about finance. If math and money are up your alley, maybe a finance degree is where you should look. Learn what military-friendly schools have finance degrees, here


What about you?

The degree program you enroll in can be very much tied to your experiences and job in the military or it can be completely different! Regardless, you are setting yourself up for success in the civilian world by enrolling in a military friendly degree program! Which degree program are you looking to enroll in? Is it one of the above, or different? We’d love to know!


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