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Cybersecurity Degree Programs for Veterans

Cybersecurity: Go To College, Learn How To Hack

The Top Cybersecurity Programs for Military and Veterans

Cybersecurity is the fastest growing tech field. It’s focused on protecting our country from our enemies within and abroad. It has become a virtual worldwide battle front and everything from your personal finances to the nation’s power grid are under attack.

According to experts, we under attack every minute of every day. Government and private sector organizations continuously track millions attacks each day, the bulk of which originate in China and the former Soviet states like Russia and the Ukraine.

In 2009 the Department of Defense stood up Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) to both develop cyber defenses as well as develop offensive cyber weapons.  That effort has grown exponentially over the last decade.

Veterans and Careers in Cybersecurity

Many Veterans have never even considered a career in cybersecurity. In fact, most Veterans (and civilians for that matter) think that cybersecurity entails writing boring code all day or managing a computer networks.  While that is partially true, there are just as many cyber security jobs that focus on taking the battle to the enemy and engaging in cyber combat with hackers. People in the field say it is like playing a video game with an enemy that is constantly changing its appearance and mode of attack.

Many of the careers in cybersecurity focus on law enforcement – investigating and tracking down hackers. This opened new career areas like Cyber Investigators and Digital Forensics. In addition, there are careers in offensive security, network management and security, web security, and data privacy and regulations. And the world of cybersecurity is growing every day – there’s no time to be bored.

Learn more about Cybersecurity and your chance to become a Cyber Warrior.

Learning about Cybersecurity

Ready to find out if studying cyber security is your thing? The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies is under Homeland Defense, and they want veterans on their team. Take a look at what they offer.

Stanford University’s Advanced Computer Security offers a professional certificate. Their online certificate program provides you with the skills needed to protect networks, secure electronic assets, prevent attacks, ensure privacy, and build secure infrastructures.

Palo Alto Networks has a great academy where you can sign up for a veterans program that they sponsor.

Cybersecurity Degree Programs

A growing number of universities in the U.S. have added cybersecurity-related degree programs to their educational offerings.

Most of these programs offer online courses, including virtual lab environments and various security technologies. A few offer both bachelor’s and master’s programs.”

Learn to Code

Need software skills? Understanding the ins and outs of coding can help you in cybersecurity fields, and can help you stay employed. Take a look at software coding certification courses. If you’re ready to code, start with Codeacademy.

You can also teach yourself to code in as little as 8 weeks.

And there’s this secret technique for learning how to code.

You can also look at Harvard’s free online Computer Science course. (‘Mom, I’m going to Harvard!’ Sounds pretty good, huh?)

The field of cybersecurity is of critical importance to our nation’s vital interests. We need our best people protecting our infrastructure, health information, military secrets, business information, and social security information. We need our best people looking out for our best interests, and taking it to the bad guys.

Cybersecurity is an ever-growing field. Careers abound. Veterans and patriots need apply.




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