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New US Navy Community College for Marines & Sailors

Navy Community College

Marines and Sailors and a New Navy Community College

There is some good news ahead for marines and sailors, with a new Navy Community College hopefully opening in 2021. This type of educational opportunity is very much needed for a few different reasons. Finishing a traditional degree while serving in the military can be quite difficult. Between deployments and other trainings, there is not a lot of time to fit in a traditional program. A Navy Community College would help with this.

Another reason for a Navy Community College would be so that sailors and marines could be eligible for real-world college credit based on what they have done during their time in the military. This would be a great way for sailors and marines to move forward in an after military career before they even leave the service, and use what they have learned to help them in the future. It can also create a stronger military force.

Aligning the Navy’s Academic Institutions

John Kroger, the Navy’s new Chief Learning Officer, has the job to align the department’s academic institutions. That includes the US Naval Academy, the Naval War College, Naval Postgraduate School, Marine Corps University and the new Navy Community College coming in a couple of years.

Kroger believes strongly in educating marines and sailors in today’s world. The college will be mostly online, allowing for a more flexible way to go to school, which is needed. However, the hope is to also have in-person classes in areas where there are larger navy and marine corps populations.

The school would offer sailors and marines free associate’s degrees, as well as college credits that service members would be able to easily transfer to other accredited schools. Sailors and marines would be able to earn degrees in a variety of subjects, from computer science to history or data analytics according to Kroger in a Military.com article on the new Navy Community College.

Navy Wants to Partner with Colleges and Universities

The Navy wants to partner with colleges and universities that already offer strong associate degree programs. Classes will be flexible in order to allow sailors and marines to complete their education without having to start and stop their programs or give up time in a program that they can’t complete because of military obligations.

Kroger wants to develop technological solutions making it easier for sailors and marines to participate in ongoing and sustained education. The Navy Community College would be a big way to do this and would be keeping up with the more modern way of completing an education, which is more flexible, and available to more and more people.

Hopefully, things will move ahead with this plan and we will see the Navy Community College opening in the next few years. The college would be a big help to many sailors and marines.