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How To Make Connections On Campus Before Arriving

make meaningful connections on campus

Arriving to campus for the first time is daunting. Usually, students don’t know anyone on campus (maybe other students, but definitely not any administrators or staff).

This automatically makes everything a little scarier. Students don’t have anyone ‘on their team’ or who understands where they are coming from, what their goals are, or what they want to make of these years on campus. For those reasons, we urge students to make meaningful connections on campus before arriving. But, how?


making connections on campus as a veteran

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How to Make Meaningful Connections on Campus Before Arriving


 Start Conversing With Admissions Counselors Early 


But, how?  The college and university search tool built for military affiliated personnel, CollegeRecon.com, helps you navigate & explore the college search process. It also makes it easy to start conversations with admissions personnel without having to give out your personal information (email address, phone number, etc.) Why is that important? So often military-affiliated students are weary of giving out their personnel information (for good reason) because admissions personnel want to connect with military students and could take that contact info and run with it.


CollegeRecon lets you reach out to admissions personnel at the 3,000+ not-for-profit schools that are in its database. All conversations take place on the platform which is how it protects you and your contact info. By starting the conversation here, you can learn more about schools and also gauge if you want to take the relationship to the next level and ask for introductions to college counselors and or professors on campus. By making your dreams, goals, and current situation very clear in initial communication, you can also decipher if that school is the right fit for you.

making connections on campus as a veteran

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Communication = Key

Basically, communication is key. Communication begets discovery, relationships, and answers. Why wouldn’t you want all three of those as you embark on a new adventure of going back to school?


Start Conversations Today


There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Start conversing with admissions personnel at schools that interest you today. Simply go to CollegeRecon.com and begin exploring, learning, and making meaningful relationships for when you ultimately arrive on campus.


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