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Veterans: Enroll & Launch Your Education Adventure

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Now it’s time to enroll and launch your education adventure.  It is important to note that the enrollment process, procedures, and requirements differ from school to school.

You may find that some schools require minimum scores on the SAT or ACT assessment exams.  While others may waive these requirements for adult learners like veterans. In addition, some schools may require you to take placement exams to determine if you need remedial courses.

I’m Enrolled, What’s Next?

It is during the enrollment stage that you will need to submit your Joint Services Transcript (JST) and in some cases you may be asked for your high school transcripts. Learn more about gathering and submitting transcripts.

You will also want to include any documentation or scores for any of CLEP Exams or DSST exams you may have taken in the past.

Here are some resources to help you navigate this final step:

Your Pre-Launch checklist is now complete. The list was designed to ensure you have a firm footing as you prepare to start college. We have several resources and articles that can help you as you complete the enrollment phase.

List of Education Resources for Veteransy

Here is a quick list of resources to help you succeed in school:




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