Information about VA approved coding bootcamps that accept GI Bill and other veteran benefits programs. Included is a list of coding bootcamps that are GI Bill eligible along with other VA benefits.

The roster of GI Bill approved coding schools should grow now with the Forever GI Bill and an ongoing emphasis on technology based education and training.

Coding Bootcamps

If you’re interested in getting a crash course in coding or want to delve deeper into different languages and applications, consider attending a coding bootcamp.

Some people can learn from reading books and watching online videos, but coding bootcamps offer the chance to ask questions and receive instruction in a structured environment.

Boot camps can range from several weeks up to two years or longer depending on the course outcomes and difficulty of the language.

A six-week course may introduce students with limited technical proficiency to core coding concepts like server and host functionality and web frameworks while providing an overview of popular languages and their real-world applications.

Two-year courses can provide the required training to become a professional coder or master more complex languages.

Picking the Right Bootcamp

There are several factors to consider when selecting the right bootcamp for your needs. For those just getting started, a coding basics bootcamp may be the best option. If you have a specific goal, like creating a personal blog, determine the appropriate language required and find a bootcamp that specializes in that.

Consider the quality of the instructors and the reputation of the program. Conduct research on the type of instruction methodologies and style (collaborative/interactive or lecture-based), curriculum overviews, and course outcomes and feedback or success stories from bootcamp graduates.

Costs, class schedules, and flexible learning options are also things to consider based on your needs.

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Coding Bootcamps List

Code Immersives, Digital Film Academy – New York, NY

An intensive program to help students develop the skills to pursue opportunities in web programming and software development. VA Authorized for GI Bill use.

Tech Talent South – Asheville, NC; Charlotte, NC; Raleigh-Durham, NC; Atlanta, GA; Columbus, OH; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; San Antonio, TX; New Orleans, LA; Phoenix, AZ

Part-time and full-time immersion programs offered for web design, data science, iOs development, and more.

Epicodus – Portland, OR; Seattle, WA

Offers five 27-week in-person courses covering Ruby and Rails, CSS and Design, C# and .Net, and Java and Android. Partner companies include Livingsocial and Cloubability.

Thinkful – Online; Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia, PA; Houston, TX; Portland, OR; Dallas, TX; Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Atlanta, GA; Miami, FL; Tampa, FL; Chicago, IL; Raleigh-Durham, NC; Denver, CO; Boston, MA; Detroit, MI; Salt Lake City, UT; Minneapolis, MN

Utilizes a “job ready model” for careers in web development, design, and data science with one-on-one mentors and guaranteed job placement within six months. Courses cover engineering immersion, data science immersion, JavaScript, Python, NodeJS, and HTML/CSS.

Additional bootcamp options:


What is coding?

Coding is the computer language that is used to develop, design, and run websites, apps, and software programs. In its simplest form, codes tell the computer what to do. This programming language is what enables websites like LinkedIn and Facebook, email sites like Gmail, and smart phone apps like Waze and YouTube to operate as the developer intended. All data that is entered, uploaded, or created (think Tweets, uploaded photos for editing, or a search topic entered into Google) is analyzed by the programming language and manipulated or controlled for the ultimate outcome (a posted Tweet on Twitter, an edited photo, or a list of search results). The language communicates the instructions on how to use or analyze the incoming content or data.

Who uses coding?

Coding is no longer limited to technology specialists. In today’s technologically-savvy world, people are using a wide range of code to create personal blogs, websites, apps, and games. Just like learning a foreign language, code is its own language that can be used to communicate and the possible applications are endless.

Aside from its value for personal use, coding is a very attractive skill set in the job market. Companies hire professional coders, small business use coders for website development and marketing, and entrepreneurs can launch their own business ventures or design a new app for widespread use.

How To Choose A Coding Bootcamp

Anyone can learn coding if they have the desire to. It doesn’t require a degree in Computer Science, although that knowledge would certainly provide a helpful context from which to learn a new technology skill.

There are endless YouTube videos that provide clear explanations and visualizations of coding functions and user tips for programs like JavaScript. You can even buy the book “Beginning Programming for Dummies” to learn the basics.

Identify the Type of Language and Desired Application

Since there are many different types of programming languages, it’s helpful to determine what you would like to achieve.

  • Perhaps you want to design an app that maintains a personal inventory of the food products you currently have in your kitchen to help with grocery lists and planning meals.
  • You may be a small business owner that wants to expand your market by selling products online instead of in store only.
  • Maybe you’re working in an entry-level IT Help Desk position and want to pursue different career options in the tech industry.

Once you have a specific goal, then you can determine the appropriate language required. Additional languages and applications include C/C++ for gaming and graphics, SQL for databases, PHP for web page content and development, and Python for data mining and web applications.

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