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Building Your Veteran Network

connect with veterans

How to Connect with Veterans and Build Your Network

Finding and connecting with other veterans is an integral part of life after service. However sometimes, it can be hard when spread out and not living on a centralized military base.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some useful organizations to help you connect with likeminded veterans to help in the transition after service.

connect with veterans

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Make The Connection

Sponsored by the U.S. department of Veteran Affairs, maketheconnection.net allows you to find various veteran organizations in your city ranging from chaplains to veteran centers. This can be a useful tool for families and friends as well.

Explore the organizations near you, and go to a meeting! You never know, you may just find a great veteran friend there.

American Legion

Believe it or not, your local American Legion post can do a lot more for you that you thought! Most famously known for bringing veterans together and being the largest advocate for veterans on Capitol Hill, it also has a multitude of other services. Explore how your American Legion post can help you here.

On Campus

Getting your degree is a HUGE undertaking after transitioning out of the military. However, you aren’t alone. Many veterans are doing it.

For that reason, you should make the effort to connect with other veterans on campus. Where? In veteran support groups, the student veteran office, or on campus veteran club.

Haven’t started your campus search? No worries, this is THE place to start to exploring your education options after service. Finding your ideal institution to use your GI Bill benefits at is a big task.

It also makes the process easier by laying out the school’s characteristics and programs to highlight what services they do (and don’t) offer military-affiliated students.

connect with veterans

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