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Top American Legion Post Membership Benefits and Services for Veterans

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American Legion Membership Benefits and Services for Veterans

With nearly 14,000 American Legion Posts around the country and a national membership of over 2.3 million members, The American Legion is the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization. However, many military & veterans aren’t aware of exactly what Legion Posts are, or of the American Legion benefits.

What do American Legion Posts do?

The American Legion’s mission far surpasses commemorative events, organized veteran volunteer opportunities, and fundraising. The Legion actively lobbies in Washington D.C. on behalf of the interests of veterans and service members, and provides assistance at VA hospitals. But, what exactly can being a member of a Legion Post do for you as a servicemember or veteran? Let me explain…

The 5 Top Services that Your Local American Legion Post Provides

Help you learn about & claim eligible benefits

The world of deciphering which benefits you are eligible for and exactly what all of the restrictions are within those benefits can send one into a tailspin. Thankfully that is one of the things that Legion Posts do best. They work directly with veterans and servicemembers to help them understand and apply for their earned benefits. This is just one of many American Legion benefits.  For more on benefits, please go here.

Help find employers who understand veterans’ skills & value

One of the most difficult transitions is going from the military into a civilian career. This requires finding an employer who values your skillset. Thankfully, no one has to go at it alone. As a member of an American Legion Post you have the access to their career center. The American Legion has made it a priority to help veterans find employers. But not just any employer. They search specifically for  employers who understand their skills and values.  For more on careers, please go here.

Legion Posts teach about GI Bill benefits

This is one service that you can’t afford not to take advantage of. Legion Posts are equipped to help service members understand their GI Bill benefits and the necessary steps to enroll in a degree program. Guarantee yourself (and your family) a bright future in the civilian world by utilizing the benefits you earned to get a degree! Don’t go at it alone though. Legion Posts are experienced in this area and can help you make a smooth transition onto campus. (The American Legion suggests using this tool to help you begin navigating the world of higher education). For more on education benefits, please go here.

Help veterans navigate their VA health benefits

Believe it or not the American Legion is the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization. What does that mean? They also have a voice. The American Legion is active in American politics and lobbies on behalf of veterans and service members. Therefore they are also well-versed in recent events and current VA health changes and benefits. For more on healthcare benefits, please go here.

Family support during deployment & after returning home

Since 2001, active duty military has been on high alert, troops have mobilized in record numbers, and military families have been separated. The American Legion’s Family Support Network is ready to provide immediate assistance to service personnel and families whose lives have been directly affected by America’s war on terror.

As the nation’s largest veterans organization, our commitment to the men and women of our armed forces and their families never wavers. Together, we must act to ensure that no family endures hardships caused by military service.”

This quick glimpse into just five American Legion benefits & services shows there is a lot more to the Legion. Learn more about your local American legion and become a member to be able to take advantage of these benefits! (Annual membership is just $30).