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Denver Riggleman: Veteran, Congressman from Virginia

Denver Riggleman Congress

Denver L. Riggleman III is a Republican who has won a seat in the US House of Representatives in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District. Although he did put in a bid to run for governor and later withdrew, this will be his first political office.

About Denver Riggleman

Riggleman was born in 1970 in Manassas, Virginia and now lives in Nelson County with his wife, Christine, and three daughters.

Military and Education Background

He joined the US Air Force in 1992, and served as a C-141 Starlifter enlisted avionics technician at McGuire AFB in New Jersey.

In 1996 he was awarded a scholarship to the University of Virginia and graduated in 1998 with a BA with Distinction in Foreign Affairs. After that he served as a commissioned officer with the 366th Fighter Wing and the 34th Bomb Squadron at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho as well as the National Security Agency (NSA) at Fort Meade, Maryland.

In addition to his education at the University of Virginia, he also has an AA from Burlington Community College that he received in 1996, an AAS degree in Avionics Systems from the Community College of the Air Force that he also received in 1996 and a Masters certificate in Program Management from Villanova University in that he received in 2007.

Post-Military Career

In 2003, after serving in the Air Force as a multi-INT intelligence officer, Denver was posted to the National Security Agency. While there he supported science and technology development, operational analysis, joint special project support, and Counter-Improvised Explosive Device activities. Then, in 2007, he co-founded Analyst Warehouse LLC to provide intelligence consulting to the NSA, Services, and other government agencies.

Riggleman and his wife decided to start their own distillery in 2013, which is called Silverback Distillery in Afton, Virginia. They currently distill gin, vodka, and whiskey. In addition to the distillery he also has been the CEO of several defense contracting companies.

Political Career Begins

After his years in the military, as well as his time as a contractor and a small businessman, he will be able to bring his experience to Congress. He did file papers to run for governor of Virginia in 2016, but suspended that campaign in early 2017.

Political Outlook

He has a desire to fight against regulations and taxes, and wants to make sure the government stays out of people’s pockets. He breaks with most Republicans while supporting the decriminalization of marijuana and supporting same sex marriage.

He wants to bring jobs back to Virginia’s 5th district and common sense back to Washington.

Denver Riggleman won against Democrat Leslie Cockburn in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District.