graduation-303565_1280After leaving service you are going to have all kinds of questions on what to do next, which direction you should take your career, and should you go back to school? Before removing the “school” part from the mix, let’s take a deeper look as to why going back to school before diving into the workforce is the better choice:

Build Confidence

Having that degree instantly boots self esteem and confidence. After leaving the military and entering back into the civilian lifestyle, you might feel uncomfortable and unsure of yourself in this new role.

More Options In The Long Run

With the way things are changing, there is no guarantee there will be stipends and retirement waiting for us. So, to be in control of what out futures hold we must have some sort of degree. A degree proves that we are specialized, and that specialization helps to solidify a job and income for the future. Having a degree is just the first step to get your foot in the door. After that, doors will open through meeting new people in the workforce and networking which could lead to any number of places.


As a student you will have security in knowing that your degree will enable you to get a job after graduation.  Going to school will help you feel more secure about your future and give you time to think about what you want to do.  This is extremely important because every individual wants to feel somewhat secure about their future and not worry about whether or not they will get a job.

Plethora of Resources

When a student at an institution of higher education there are so many resources at your finger tips. Resources for learning in the classroom, but also resources for helping you as a person outside of the classroom. For example: a health center with free consultations for any needs (are you suffering from PTSD and looking for ways to combat it?), advisors who are there to help you figure out what you want to see in your future.