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How One Marine Took Her Career To The Next Level

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For those who have done an accredited certification program, but want more information, expertise, and to take your career to that next level… start looking for a master’s program. That’s exactly how it started for Marie Gonzalez, previous Marine, and current military spouse. The search as student veteran for a master’s program…

A Career With Direction

Gonzalez had the opportunity to cross-train in financial planning & education at her job after the military. It was in that experience where she developed a deep interest to move into Personal Financial Management. Her director at the time, saw her passion and talent and thus gave her more responsibilities to learn and grow in her position. He ultimately told her that he would be retiring and sees in her the qualities of the individual who needs to take over the program once he leaves.

“Of course, that was humbling, but it was also daunting because I felt like a little kid dressing up in my dad’s boots,” Gonzalez said.

What Student Veterans Should Look For In A Master’s Degree Program

And that is where the search for her ideal student veteran master’s program began. Gonzalez knew she wanted to find a program of quality that is also flexible, considering she lives an adult-lifestyle that includes demands other than just coursework. Then she discovered Kansas State Global Campus.

“I came across their financial program. The specific feature that interested me was the GP IDEA (Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance) program. This program would allow me to have classmates from different schools and backgrounds which I was very much looking forward to.”

Gonzalez enrolled in a Master’s of Science in Personal Financial Planning at K-State Global Campus and is now a recent graduate! An online degree program was the only option to fit her lifestyle as her spouse is currently in the Marine Corps. Because K-State’s Office of Veteran Affairs certifies the enrollments of students utilizing VA educational benefits, they helped Gonzalez use GI Bill benefits to pay for her education.

student veteran masters degree

Marie Gonzalez, Graduate of Kansas State Global University, Marine, & Military Spouse

Why She Recommends K-State To Veterans

When asked if she would recommend her school to other veterans, she responded, “Absolutely. Because it is so near to a base, they really understand the military life. Sometimes it’s not as pretty as we’d like it to be, and there has to be some flexibility. It doesn’t do any good to be flexible if you don’t have a quality program. This was definitely a quality program. Every instructor actually had real-world experience in the field & it was amazing. The students involved with the program were all amazing too. From all different stages of finance and careers. You have the quality staff and the quality classmates, and you learn from both. The quality exists here, so I’d definitely recommend it, not just to military and to soldiers, but to everyone.”

Kansas State University’s Veteran Office

Kansas State knows that getting a degree on a college campus just isn’t feasible for all adults. Work, family, and other life responsibilities make it impossible to attend class a specific times, especially for those who are active duty or military spouses.

That’s how Kansas State University Global Campus came to be. The goal of their Global Campus is to constantly push to develop new educational delivery methods and to bring the university and the K-State educational experience to place-bound students, no matter their location.

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Featured Image of Marie Gonzalez Courtesy of Kansas State University.