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Army Green to Gold Program for Enlisted Soldiers

The Army’s Green to Gold program offers eligible Active Duty enlisted Soldiers the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Upon completion, Soldiers will earn a commission as an Army Officer.

Green to Gold Program Benefits

Soldiers selected for the Green to Gold Program will still receive their current pay and allowances while in the program for up to 24 consecutive months.

Additionally, qualified Soldiers can use their Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) or Army College Fund (ACF) benefits for the Green to Gold program. Applicants are responsible for their own education expenses, but are NOT eligible to use Tuition Assistance for the Green to Gold Program.

Soldiers will still receive their normal PCS entitlements, which is great if you relocate to attend school.

Green to Gold Program Requirements

To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be a U.S. citizen (non-waiverable)
  • Age – Be under 30 years of age on the date of the projected graduation and commission. Waivers can be requested for this requirement.
  • Can not have been convicted of a Domestic Violence Crime
  • Have a minimum of 2 years Active Duty at the time of application, as well as 3 months of Active Duty for every one month of specialized training.
  • GT Score of 110 or higher
  • Past the APFT within the last 6 months with score of 180 or higher, at least 60 points in each event
  • College GPA of 2.5
  • Letter of Acceptance to School of Choice offering Army ROTC
  • Letter of Acceptance from the Professor of Military Science (PMS) of that Army ROTC Battalion
  • Favorable National Agency Check
  • DoD Medical Evaluation Board medical qualification
  • Be eligible to reenlist
  • Not be a conscientious objector
  • Not have more than 3 dependents, including spouse (waiverable)
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2 Phases of Green to Gold Application

The Green to Gold Program consists of two phases:

Phase One is called the Selection Phase. During this portion of the process you will:
  1. Create an online application
  2. Submit documents required by the Board
  3. Schedule medical examination
  4. Verify board eligibility
  5. Completed packet appears before selection board
Phase Two is called the Qualification Phase. Soldiers must be administratively and medically qualified prior to being awarded an offer letter.
  1. To become administratively qualified, the applicant must ensure all required documents and waivers are uploaded into the application portal.
  2. To become medically qualified, applicants must be cleared by the DoD Medical Evaluations Review Board (MERB) to ensure they can be placed on assignment.
During the board process, eight Professors of Military Science and two Senior Enlisted Advisors review all completed applications. Their selections are based on the Scholar, Athlete, Leader (SAL) concept.

Once the selection process is completed, the Human Resources Command will publish a MILPER message listing those Soldiers selected to advance to Phase Two.

The Offer Letter

Once an applicant’s file receives a final verification during Phase Two, an Offer Letter will be sent to the applicant’s Company-level Commander via email.

Upon receipt of the Offer Letter, the applicant must either accept or reject the offer and return the signed Letter of Intent (LOI).

The Service Obligation

All applicants entering the program will incur an 8-year service obligation upon commissioning. A minimum of three years must be served in the Active Regular Army. After three years, Soldiers can either continue serving on Active Duty or they can choose to move to a Reserve status.

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Green to Gold: How to Apply

The first step in the Green to Gold Program is creating a MY GOARMY account. If you already have a GOARMY account, then log in with those credentials.

Once you login, find the application link for the Green to Gold Program and follow the process.

Also, ensure that you request admission to your school of choice to begin during the Fall Semester. For more detailed information, check out the Green to Gold Active Duty Option Program Information Booklet.

Each year, the application window opens in mid-June and closes on the last Friday in November. For 2021, the last day to create an application and submit your Phase One documents is 26 November!

If you have questions or need assistance with the application, contact the Green to Gold Program Manager at

Attention Enlisted Soldiers!

If you’re an enlisted Army soldier who has already completed some college, and you’ve ever considered becoming an Army Officer, then the Green to Gold Program is a great choice.

Not only will you be paid to complete your degree, but you will advance your career to a higher level.

Complete your Green to Gold application today!